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Solar heating installations

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At PGS Plumbers we offer Solar heating installations. Our team of highly trained renewable energy heating engineers are fully qualified to install Solar heating systems on a wide range of domestic properties.

The advantages of installing a Solar water heating system are evident in the savings made from your annual water bill, you’ll also be making a big difference in cutting your carbon footprint by opting for a renewable energy source.  We can supply all required parts and accessories used in the installation including:

London Solar Heating Installations

We are also fully qualified to perform routine maintenance on your London Solar heating installation, giving you peace of mind and a reliable solar heating installation for many years to come.

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What is Solar Thermal Heating?

Solar Thermal is a water heating technology powered renewable energy. By installing Solar Thermal panels onto your property you can harness the Sun's power to heat your property, resulting in reduced bills and a massively reduced carbon footprint. The panels collect energy from light and our engineers will advise the best position for them on your properly. Solar Thermal panels come in two forms, either the standard Flat Panels or the more advanced and longer lasting Thermal Vacuum Tubes. Our engineers will advise you on your best options upon quotation.

Solar heating installation consultation

Installing a solar heating system can be a big task and there can be many considerations, so we offer a FREE consultation to discuss the work required, parts to be ordered and are happy to outline the key benefits of opting for a renewable energy source to power your heating system. Free consultations for solar heating installations are available to home owners in the greater London area.

Which solar heating system?

We can provideSolar panels professional and unbiased advice on what the best Solar heating systems are to install. We are not strictly tied to certain manufacturers, so this means we will listen to your requirements and suggest the equipment based on our experience. At PGS Plumbers we have excellent links with suppliers and manufacturers and understand the needs and budgets of our customers. As a result we can provide you with the best quality Solar heating systems at the best possible price.

Grants and incentives

There are grants and incentives available to people considering a solar heating installation. These incentives vary depending on where in London you live but it is well worth checking as there are opportunities to save on the upfront installation costs as well as the significant ongoing fuel savings from which solar panel heating system owners will benefit. When it comes to researching money saving possibilities we are happy to assist and advise.

Why choose PGS Plumbers?

PGS Plumbers are highly regarded plumbing and heating specialists. We make a focus on investing in our workforce so they are trained and qualified to install and maintain all the latest domestic heating technologies – including Solar heating systems. All our engineers are plumbing professionals with years of London plumbing experience. They can handle every job, big or small, and take great pride in offering a friendly, professional and trustworthy level of service. At PGS Plumbers we’re passionate about energy saving from solar panels and this translates to the work we perform on your renewable energy powered solar thermal heating installation.

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