Boiler Scrappage Scheme for London Homes

Boiler Scrappage Scheme – The Essential Guide

UPDATE - Please note that unfortunately the official boiler scrappage scheme is now closed.

Applications made prior to 26th March to the Energy Savings Trust (EST) will be honoured if qualifying criteria is met.

Boiler Scrappage Scheme continued with PGS!

For a limited period PGS will offer eligible customers a £250 discount - enquire for further information.

What is the boiler scrappage scheme?

The boiler scrappage scheme has been launched by the government to cut the country’s carbon emissions, while at the same time helping householders make a considerable saving on their energy bills.

Under the terms of the boiler scrappage scheme, London householders with a G-rated boiler – the lowest level of efficiency – are entitled to a £400 voucher through the Energy Saving Trust (EST) to go towards a new A-rated boiler.

Did you know, according to the EST:

  • The efficiency of new boilers is rated at 90% plus, meaning they use less fuel and so are cheaper to run.
  • By replacing your G-rated boiler with an A-rated one, you can reduce your heating bills by an estimated 25%.
  • This saving equates to a hefty £235 each year, on average.

Especially in the current financial climate, many householders are keen to reduce their energy bills wherever possible. Therefore, it’s thought that the added appeal of a £400 saving offered by the boiler scrappage scheme London, before their regular savings on energy bills even begin, will encourage thousands of householders to take the plunge.

The UK has ambitious targets in place for the reduction of its CO2 emissions, and domestic heating accounts for around 14% of the country’s total emissions. Through the boiler scrappage scheme, it’s hoped that up to 125,000 G-rated boilers will be scrapped, saving around 140,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to taking 45,000 cars off the road.

How do I know if I qualify for the boiler scrappage scheme?

To be eligible for the boiler scrappage scheme London, your boiler must be G-rated. If you are not sure whether it is, there are a few ways to find out. Your boiler is likely to be G-rated if the pilot light is permanently on, if it is gas-fired and over 15 years old or if it is oil-fired and over 25 years old.

You can also find out whether your boiler is G-rated by checking the government’s boiler efficiency database.

You may be eligible for the boiler scrappage scheme London if you are a homeowner, a private tenant or a landlord. The scheme does not extend to social landlords, housing associations and boiler installers.

If you are under 60 years old, your G-rated boiler must be the main boiler you use to heat the house and it must be working for your household to be eligible. If you’re over 60, the boiler must still be your main boiler but it doesn’t have to be in working order.

How do I apply for the boiler scrappage rebate?

If you think your household will be entitled to £400 off your new boiler under the terms of the boiler scrappage scheme London, the next stage will be to arrange a quote from a qualified boiler installer, such as one of PGS’s experienced and qualified engineers, which the EST needs in order to issue you with the voucher.

Once you have your quote, you should contact the EST with the following information:

  • Householder’s full name
  • Address
  • Make and name of your old boiler
  • Details of the installer (company name, address and contact details)
  • New boiler type
  • Confirmation that you have received a quote or that the installer you are going to use has visited your home

If you are unsure whether you have the correct information to go to the EST, just ask your PGS engineer or call to speak with our helpful and friendly office-based staff. At PGS, we can help you through the whole process, from providing your initial quote to the sourcing and installation of your energy-efficient and money-saving new boiler.

Assuming you meet the relevant requirements, you should receive your voucher from the EST within ten days of application. A voucher is valid for 12 weeks.

You must initially pay for the work yourself, and then return your invoice together with the voucher to the EST. You should then receive your £400 rebate within 25 working days of the EST receiving your documents.

How PGS can help me?

All of our PGS heating engineers are fully qualified to carry out the work needed for you to take advantage of the boiler scrappage scheme in London. What’s more, when you use PGS, you have access to our office staff and engineers who are always happy to talk you through the process and discuss any points you’d like clarified.

When it comes to keeping your costs down, PGS understands that you want the best deal on labour and materials , but without compromising on quality. That’s why we offer free PGS expert Care heating cover for up to two years. This means an additional potential saving of up to £400, and essentially guarantees the installation of your new boiler.

On top of that, our free five-year extended manufacturer’s warranty* from Worcester-Bosch covers parts and labour for all boiler breakdowns or malfunctions (worth £360).

So when you come to PGS, we’re not only able to help you through the whole boiler scrappage process, but you can also take advantage of our other money-saving measures, all designed to give our customers greater peace of mind and more money left in their pockets.

Useful link: Energy Saving Trust - Boiler Scrappage Scheme

* terms and conditions apply

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