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Top 6 frequently asked plumbing and heating questions – answered by the experts

While every London or South East England home is likely to have plumbing or heating issues at one time or another, some problems are more common than others.

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6 common plumbing and heating myths – debunked

It seems that when it comes to every subject in our lives, there are certain myths around it – and the situation is no different when it comes to the heating, gas and plumbing systems in London and South East England homes.

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5 ways to prevent your drains from getting blocked this summer

It’s summertime in the UK, which means barbeques, sun cream, dog walking and hanging out with our loved ones (for many of us, anyway!). However, it is a lesser-known fact that all these things have the potential to block up your household drains.

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So, you’re renovating your property – what should you be looking at first?

While there has been much discussion since the start of the pandemic about COVID-19’s effects on our lives, one factor that perhaps hasn’t been talked about so often, is how the crisis may be transforming us into the “renovation generation”. 

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A quick guide to cleaning your radiators

We may have (more or less!) reached the end of spring-cleaning season, but let’s be honest: there are always certain parts of our homes that we frequently tend to overlook.

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Don’t prioritise looks over the state of the plumbing and heating when you buy a property!

Most of us would probably like to think that when it comes to a major and life-changing investment such as buying a house, we would only make the most pragmatic and reasoned of decisions. But to what extent is that genuinely the case?

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5 things landlords should be checking about their properties this summer

The summer isn’t exactly a time of year that many of us associate with having to call in a plumber. But if anything, the potential for complacency during this season is precisely why you need to be so vigilant about the maintenance of any property you own right now – and it’s no less the case if you are a landlord.

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COVID-19 reportedly bringing about a rise in UK boiler breakdowns

We’re sure you’ll agree with our Beckenham, Kingston and Guildford plumbers here at PGS Plumbers, when we say few things have been more indispensable over the past year than our home boilers. After all, you might be reading this right now, during a quick break from work while at home, mindful of the fact that if your central heating suddenly failed, this would be a massive inconvenience.

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5 ways to boost your home’s eco-friendliness in the ‘hybrid office’ era

In recent years, there has been a significant push towards encouraging the world to become more eco-friendly. By being mindful of the environment, it is possible to reduce our carbon footprint, and better protect the only planet we have.

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How to upgrade your showering experience

Few things make you feel truly “awake” in the morning like an invigorating shower. Howevermany people’s showering experience is probably only just good enough to get the job done.Thankfully, it’s not overly difficult to deliver meaningful improvements to the quality of your shower. 

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A few more ways to reduce your heating bills

Keeping your home hospitably warm is a bit like eating and drinking: it can be expensive, but you have to do it regardless. Therefore, it would be convenient if you could find ways to reduce the cost of residential heating without having to risk leaving yourself shivering. 

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5 benefits of having a wet room installed in your residential property

In theory, any home can be fitted out with a “wet room” – a shower room that jettisons the usual shower screen and tray in favour of an open and fully tiled shower area. A wet room isn’t for everyone...

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As the price cap is lifted, how can you keep your spring and summer heating costs down?

This past year has been, to say the least, extremely challenging for many of us – on a personal level, but also in terms of our household finances. So, the news in February from gas and electricity regulator Ofgem, confirming that the price cap for default domestic energy deals would be lifted from April wasn’t exactly widely welcomed.

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As right as drain: what can your home’s drains tell you about its plumbing?

Unfortunately, your London or Home Counties home's plumbing system is likely to be very much a case of "out of sight, out of mind". That's because this system is structurally more external to the property than internal – and as a result, you may too easily overlook any emerging issues with it until major damage has arisen.

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What is a hydro massage bath, and how could it benefit you?

We’re undoubtedly living in stressful times – so much so that in the evening, after a long and hard day of work, your first instinct might understandably be to settle into a warm and soothing bath...

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3 signs you should think seriously about replacing your boiler

Right now, with lockdown looking unlikely to be loosened soon, you are probably relying on your home’s central heating system more heavily than ever before...

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5 common signs of a plumbing problem in your home

Most of us aren’t used to thinking very often about the plumbing in our homes; it’s one of those things that’s just ‘there’ in the background, and that we expect to always work.

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3 simple ways to avoid having to call a plumber in 2021

It might seem an odd way for our Acton, Sutton and Hackney plumbers to start the year; trying to help put you in a position where you won’t need to reach out to us.

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Bathtub vs. shower: which should you have fitted in your bathroom?

It's one of the key questions you might ask yourself as you look to refurbish the bathroom in your London or Home Counties home – which is the best option, a bathtub or a shower?

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Have you adequately protected your home's gas appliances against the cold?

We tend to take it for granted that our gas boilers and heating systems will always be working for us during the cold winter months. But the very fact that we depend on our gas appliances more amid the chill of December and January can also put them at greater risk of failing.

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5 ways to keep warm for less when working from home

The recent England-wide lockdown has sent many of us from offices back into our homes for work. That, in turn, brings a new dilemma: all of a sudden, it’s you, rather than your employer, who is paying to keep you toasty-warm for the entirety of the working day and beyond.

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Why you should have your central heating system powerflushed ahead of the cold snap

Here at PGS Plumbers, we have the Clapham, Oxshott and Wimbledon plumbers on hand to powerflush your central heating system before the ‘deep freeze’ of the winter fully sets in.

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3 key questions answered about heating your home in winter

During the colder months, it’s fair to say that many of us are desperate to do whatever we can to keep our humble abodes cosy – and that might mean listening to certain word-of-mouth suggestions about what’s effective in ensuring a house’s warmth.

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When will Brits put on their central heating this year – and when should they?

We've probably all noticed the natural transition of the seasons lately, with daylight hours dropping, the clouds becoming ominously grey, and more of us having to trudge our way through rain on the way to and from our workplaces. Temperatures, too, are falling as winter looms, and some of us are already responding by turning up our home thermostats.

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How to get your boiler ready for the winter

There’s been a lot of predictability and uncertainty about 2020. However, one thing that remains the same as ever as the colder and rainier m...

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How do we make life easier for London’s landlords and agents?

It’s not exactly news that the last few months have been brutal ones for many of us, and landlords and agents have certainly not been immune to this.

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Solar thermal heating: Your questions answered

You might have heard a fair bit about solar thermal heating systems down the years...

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So, you’re having a gas cooker or hob installed at your London property...

...but do you know everything that you need to know to make this delicate operation a success? Indeed, is it even possible or desirable to install ...

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5 frequent summer heating problems to keep a lookout for

The warmer months probably aren’t a time of year when you will want to be thinking very much about your home maintenance requirements –...

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Moving into a new home? Get those gas and plumbing installations checked

There are very few events in anyone’s life that are quite as significant as moving house. However, it is also precisely because of this, with...

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