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Have you adequately protected your home's gas appliances against the cold?

We tend to take it for granted that our gas boilers and heating systems will always be working for us during the cold winter months. But the very fact that we depend on our gas appliances more amid the chill of December and January can also put them at greater risk of failing.

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5 ways to keep warm for less when working from home

The recent England-wide lockdown has sent many of us from offices back into our homes for work. That, in turn, brings a new dilemma: all of a sudden, it’s you, rather than your employer, who is paying to keep you toasty-warm for the entirety of the working day and beyond.

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Why you should have your central heating system powerflushed ahead of the cold snap

Here at PGS Plumbers, we have the Clapham, Oxshott and Wimbledon plumbers on hand to powerflush your central heating system before the ‘deep freeze’ of the winter fully sets in.

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3 key questions answered about heating your home in winter

During the colder months, it’s fair to say that many of us are desperate to do whatever we can to keep our humble abodes cosy – and that might mean listening to certain word-of-mouth suggestions about what’s effective in ensuring a house’s warmth.

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When will Brits put on their central heating this year – and when should they?

We've probably all noticed the natural transition of the seasons lately, with daylight hours dropping, the clouds becoming ominously grey, and more of us having to trudge our way through rain on the way to and from our workplaces. Temperatures, too, are falling as winter looms, and some of us are already responding by turning up our home thermostats.

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How to get your boiler ready for the winter

There’s been a lot of predictability and uncertainty about 2020. However, one thing that remains the same as ever as the colder and rainier m...

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How do we make life easier for London’s landlords and agents?

It’s not exactly news that the last few months have been brutal ones for many of us, and landlords and agents have certainly not been immune to this.

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Solar thermal heating: Your questions answered

You might have heard a fair bit about solar thermal heating systems down the years...

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So, you’re having a gas cooker or hob installed at your London property...

...but do you know everything that you need to know to make this delicate operation a success? Indeed, is it even possible or desirable to install ...

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5 frequent summer heating problems to keep a lookout for

The warmer months probably aren’t a time of year when you will want to be thinking very much about your home maintenance requirements –...

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Moving into a new home? Get those gas and plumbing installations checked

There are very few events in anyone’s life that are quite as significant as moving house. However, it is also precisely because of this, with...

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Why you should still be keeping an eye on your boiler during the sunnier months

It’s easy enough to imagine that you won’t need to pay any particular attention to your boiler at all during times of year when you mig...

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Yes, even the warmer months can bring serious drainage problems!

The summer might not exactly strike you as being a time of year when you’re likely to have major drainage issues at your London or Ho...

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3 central heating issues to keep a lookout for this summer

In some ways, you may wonder why our Surbiton, Chiswick and Reigate plumbers and engi...

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5 unhelpful myths about powerflushing

Powerflushing – a service that our Harrow, Bromley and Epsom plumbers here at PGS Plumbers routinely provide – has attracted a lot of comment in recent years as a way of clearing sludge and blockages from a central heating system.

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3 rules to follow when renovating your bathroom

Bathrooms seem to have surpassed kitchens in the ongoing race between homeowners’ favourite rooms to remodel. With the emergence of several n...

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How to decide on the right solar thermal heating system

One service that you might have never exactly associated with Esher, Camden or Streatha...

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3 questions to ask ahead of a new boiler installation

Alas, the process of having a new boiler installed at your property is never quite as simple as just getting in touch with your local Brentford, Do...

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Don't overlook gas safety when you're buying or selling a home

Moving home is one of the most significant and exciting – but also stressful – transitions that anyone can make in life. If you're curr...

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Are you as 'gas safe' in your London home as you could be?

We're all accustomed to using gas appliances in our day-to-day lives – for essential functions ranging from heating to cooking – but ar...

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When is it the right time to replace your boiler?

There’s no doubt about it; your boiler is a very significant part of the energy equation in your home. Indeed, the boiler alone is said to be...

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The best way to respond to a water leak

We may all depend on water for life, but there are also times when it can be a major inconvenience, or even a source of significant headaches. A wa...

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Your gas safety responsibilities as a landlord

You might think that you have enough to concern yourself with as a landlord in London or the Home Counties, even before you come to the subject of ...

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Setting New Year resolutions...make sure you have your boiler serviced

At this time of year when so many of us are thinking about how we can transform our lifestyles and achieve our ambitions through changes in our day...

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Solar water heating - just hype, or genuinely worth it

You may have heard of them being referred to as solar water heating systems or solar thermal systems – either way, there is the same broad pr...

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Advice for property owners with a concealed flue

The subject of gas flues in voids is one that has been raised especially often in recent years to Twickenham, Epsom and Read more


Things to think about if you're planning a new bathroom

The relationship that the typical London or Surrey homeowner has with their bathroom has undergone some very significant changes in recent years. W...

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Our renowned emergency call out service will rescue you when you need it most

Your home's plumbing and heating are exactly those aspects of your humble abode that you can’t exactly 'afford'sudden and unexpected problems...

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What are the best ways to tackle a blocked drain?

The drainage in your London property is probably the kind of thing you barely think about most of the time – indeed, right up to the moment y...

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How to avoid those common winter central heating problems

Let’s face it – the colder and wetter months can be a stressful time for many of us for a wide range of reasons. You’ll therefore...

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