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When there’s a heating or plumbing problem at your Clapham property that needs to be fixed, you’ll want to be sure that the professionals you call are ones you can trust.

We’re longstanding providers of plumbing, heating and gas services in this part of south London, with a hard-earned reputation for great-value, transparent pricing and high-quality work. Our Clapham plumbers are well-qualified, insured and Gas Safe registered, for your very greatest peace of mind.

Call us today, on 0203 370 0066, to ask us about plumbing and heating services such as:

Please note that the above is not an exhaustive rundown of all of our solutions for customers in this area of south London. If you aren’t sure whether we have the expertise to assist you with a particular issue in your property, why not get in touch with our Clapham plumbers anyway, who will be happy to provide free advice before you commit to any work by us?

We aren’t ‘just another’ heating and plumbing company in Clapham!

Did you know that more than 60% of the business we get here at PGS Plumbers is actually repeat business from people who have used our services previously?

We achieve this high level of customer loyalty not just by providing genuinely high-quality work, but also by being friendly, responsive and punctual.

When we arrive at your Clapham property, we will also work in a discreet way that causes as little disruption and mess as possible. Furthermore, we will strive to leave your property as we found it – save for your plumbing or heating issue being resolved, of course!

Another vital aspect of our service, however, is our completely transparent pricing model. We don’t believe in adding nasty little ‘extras’ that surprise our customers and deter them from turning to us again in the future. Instead, we provide a full costs breakdown, so that the customer is in no doubt about how much they will be paying for the work we do for them.

Enquire to our Clapham plumbers online or by phone today, and we will be delighted to advise and guide you, in addition to presenting you with a quick and free quote.