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Our plumbers in Hackney are fully trained in providing the best plumbing service available. All the plumbers that work for PGS Plumbers have extensive experience and trade knowledge so you can be ensured of a top quality service, around the clock.

The standard plumbing jobs we carry out are:''

The plumbing services that we offer are not limited to the list above. We can confidently tackle any job as our engineers have many years of experience, it's unlikely that they haven't seen your plumbing problem before!

As our plumbers are based local to Hackney, you'll soon get to know our staff - making future jobs easier and building a level of trust between PGS and yourself. You can always count on us when plumbing and heating problems arise. Give PGS Plumbers a call on: 0203 370 0066.

On top of providing an industry leading level of plumbing service, we also pride ourselves on the level of customer service support we offer. We have a dedicated call centre with friendly staff who are knowledgable about common plumbing problems and are able to advise you on how long your job might take, and most importantly how much it'll cost.