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Plumbing requirements including servicing and yearly check-ups are easily overlooked in a bid to keep expenditure low. In the long run, though, regular maintenance checks make sure your plumbing systems are working well and our Golders Green plumbing engineers are also able to prevent any problems arising in the future with early diagnosis.

Our plumbers at PGS are knowledgeable and always ready to provide a wide range of plumbing, heating and gas services. Their services vary from installing a sink and repairing a tap to replacing your pipes or boiler - and our Golders Green plumbing engineers will carry these out during the course of a typical day.

Our plumbing, heating and gas services are guaranteed for up to five years, including all the materials we use to finish the work. This, combined with the knowledge and experience that all PGS plumbers have, is why our Golders Green plumbing customers have confidence in the high calibre of our work.

When selecting a technician to complete your Golders Green plumbing job, it is worth confirming the qualifications are suitable for the particular service you want. Our plumbers have years of experience which is supported by certification, and PGS has full registration with CORGI, Gas Safe, Warm Front and CIPHE.

Our Golders Green plumbing engineers are qualified and have the practical knowledge to provide an all-encompassing service. In addition to the everyday plumbing work like installing and servicing boilers, our plumbers at PGS are able to detect any faults - both existing and potential - and offer the most appropriate solution to save you money and inconvenience over the long term.