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3 plumbing ‘DIY’ jobs that you should never attempt yourself

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Some homeowners, when they begin to see issues emerging with their property’s plumbing or heating systems, see an opportunity to save time and money by carrying out a little DIY work. 

Unfortunately, plumbing tends to be a lot more complicated than an untrained mere mortal can handle. Although it might be possible for some remedial ‘work’ on a home’s plumbing to be carried out by the property owner – think, for instance, the unclogging of a drain – there are also certain tasks that you should absolutely avoid doing on a ‘DIY’ basis. 

Here are three such ‘DIY jobs’ that our Clapham, Dorking and Hampstead plumbers would urge you not to attempt. 

Water pipe repairs 

The Ofwat website provides greater detail on who is responsible for what, when it comes to water pipes. Regardless, the safest attitude to have is that any work on essential plumbing infrastructure should be left to the plumbing professionals. An untrained DIY-er can easily wreak havoc on the plumbing infrastructure that keeps a home running, causing leaks, blocked drains, blown pipes or worse. 

If you’ve noticed an issue with your water pipes, please contact our Oxshott, Leatherhead or Hampstead plumbers; bringing water pipes up to scratch requires complex welding, pipe fitting and a level of accuracy that professionals train hard to acquire. 

Ensuring the highest standard of plumbing work is important, so it’s best to leave the complex stuff with the plumbers who do it on the regular. 

Bathroom and kitchen renovations

Many of us love DIY home improvement, and carrying out some jobs yourself can be a great money and timesaver. Unfortunately, when it comes to big plumbing jobs related to bathroom and kitchen renovations, we would urge you not to take these on as a DIYer. 

We’re talking about such work as shower installations and the fitting of dishwashers, and although these may seem like they would be relatively straightforward jobs, the water damage they can cause when plumbed in improperly can be catastrophic. 

These, then, are actually quite tricky tasks. If your shower starts to flood because it was DIY-installed, you could have saved a lot of money and hassle in the long run by entrusting the work to professional Raynes Park, Chertsey or Hampstead plumbers in the first place. 

The installation of gas cookers 

Gas being poisonous and flammable – not to mention natural gas also being clear – should make it a complete non-starter to try to install a gas cooker in your property by yourself. You won’t want to run the risk of a leaking gas line leading to carbon monoxide poisoning or even an explosion in your property. 

Fortunately, we have Gas Safe registered heating engineers available here at PGS Plumbers, who can carry out such sensitive and important work to ensure everything has been properly and safely handled when you need to have a gas appliance fitted. 

Do you need any work like the above to be carried out at your London or South East England home? If so, our Purley, Kingston and Hampstead plumbers would be pleased to give you a highly competitive, free quote for any of the plumbing or heating jobs that we do around the area. 

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