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3 questions to ask ahead of a new boiler installation

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Alas, the process of having a new boiler installed at your property is never quite as simple as just getting in touch with your local Brentford, Dorking or Raynes Park plumbers, and arranging for them to visit your home.

Instead, it is a major decision that can also cause a great deal of stress. So, to make your next boiler installation a little less angst-inducing for you, it’s well worth asking yourself the below questions.

What type of boiler will I need?

There are three broad types of boiler – combi, conventional and system boilers. We can advise you on the differences between each. But in a nutshell, the best one for your home will depend on a range of factors, including whether you have a gas connection, the amount of space you have, your hot water requirements, and how efficient you would like the boiler to be.

You’ll also need to consider whether you would prefer the relative lack of hassle associated with simply swapping your existing boiler for another of the same type, or the likely benefits of changing to a different boiler type outweigh any disruption.

What size should my boiler be?

Again, you can ask our Purley, Woking or Raynes Park plumbers about this, but there are certain guidelines that will assist you when you’re trying to decide on the most suitable size of boiler.

The amount of water that your household uses will certainly be an influence, with conventional boilers generally being the right choice for meeting higher water demands, and combi boilers tending to be better suited to lower usage.

How much space you have in the property will be another factor. If you don’t have much room, for example, it might interest you to learn that a combi boiler doesn’t require a space-consuming hot water cylinder.

Is it the right time yet to replace my current boiler?

One of the dangers of simply waiting for your existing boiler to break down, is that it may not happen at a convenient time.

That’s why, as we’re approaching the summer months, if you’re thinking of having your boiler replaced, now could be a great time to do it. Most of us are less dependent on heating and hot water during warmer seasons, so it should be a relatively stress-free process.

As for the signs that – regardless of the time of year – it may soon be the right moment to have your boiler replaced, those might include your current boiler becoming less and less adequate for heating the home, as well as the boiler breaking down and having to be repaired frequently.

Whether you’ve been thinking about new boiler installation for a while or it’s something that’s only just crossed your mind – perhaps due to a single dramatic event with your boiler – this is a task that you can depend on our professionals completing to the highest standards.

Simply call our Chertsey, Reigate and Raynes Park plumbers now on 0203 370 0066, and we’ll be delighted to give you the benefit of free advice and quotes.

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