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3 rules to follow when renovating your bathroom

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Bathrooms seem to have surpassed kitchens in the ongoing race between homeowners’ favourite rooms to remodel. With the emergence of several new trends and developments, a bathroom that is as stunning as it is practical appears to have moved to the top of many a London residential property owner’s wish list.

But as with any remodelling project, when you’re looking to revamp your bathroom, issues and challenges can arise. So, here at PGS Plumbers, we’ve outlined three useful tips for when you are renovating your bathroom.

Pick a layout and stick to it

To minimise hassle and expense, don’t make any unnecessary changes to the layout of your existing bathroom – or at least, not once plans have already been set in motion.

During the lifecycle of your project, it’s important to keep in mind that the more alterations you make to the position of your sanitaryware, the higher the plumbing costs you’ll incur.

So, take the time at the earliest stage to think about and decide on your desired bathroom layout, and don’t succumb to the temptation to alter this at a later date.

On the same note, be sure to share your intended bathroom design with all tradesmen who will be involved in the project. What might work for the electrician may be a nightmare for the tiler.

Don’t forget about ventilation

Ventilation is a subject that a lot of people don’t spend enough time thinking about when planning a bathroom renovation, despite the fact that bathrooms produce a lot of moisture.

Good bathroom ventilation is important for various reasons – not least to help to prevent excessive moisture and the appearance of mould and mildew, which can heighten the risk of health issues such as respiratory problems and skin complaints.

Bear in mind, too, that UK law requires all bathrooms to have some source of ventilation, whether that takes the form of an extractor fan or an openable window.

Only pick reputable tradesmen

OK, so this point should probably go without saying. But you’d be surprised to discover just how many London homeowners jump straight into a bathroom renovation project without first checking – and double checking – who will be carrying out all of the important tasks. We know that this is an exciting journey, but those first few steps are crucial.

Ensure that the tradesmen you pick are reliable and qualified, as well as that they don’t overcharge for their services. Websites like Checkatrade will enable you to find the ideal electrician and tiler for your requirements.

And if you’re looking for Banstead, Weybridge or Carshalton plumbers – or indeed, similar professionals elsewhere across London or nearby – you’ve found them in PGS Plumbers. Simply give us a call now, on 0203 370 0066, for free advice and quotes.

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