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3 signs you should think seriously about replacing your boiler

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Right now, with lockdown looking unlikely to be loosened soon, you are probably relying on your home’s central heating system more heavily than ever before.

However, too often, it’s hard to notice that there’s a problem with a boiler until it stops working altogether – and plunges the household into chilly temperatures. If you’re working from home right now, or even if you aren’t, that’s a situation you could seriously do without.

So, what are the warning signs of a malfunctioning boiler?

Your radiators take their time heating up

If your radiators feel cold to the touch even long after you turned up the thermostat, this situation may be an indicator of the condition of your boiler... but not necessarily always.

The problem might simply be that sludge has accumulated in your central heating system. In this instance, a powerflushing treatment – available from members of our team including Tadworth, Wimbledon and Richmond plumbers – could remedy matters.

Your energy bills are suspiciously high

Of course, if you’re working from home, your household’s energy costs could understandably be noticeably higher than they were pre-lockdown. However, if those costs are rising even when there haven’t been any obvious changes on your part recently, the boiler could be to blame.

As a boiler ages, it can become less efficient – regardless of the efficiency rating the manufacturer originally assigned it. If you live in Greater London or South East England, you could arrange for us to fit an all-new, modern boiler capable of delivering you significant financial savings.

Your boiler often makes strange noises when running

The noise emitted by your boiler should be limited to a low, constant and in many instances, barely audible hum when the heating appliance is firing up. You should be concerned if you regularly hear banging, clunking or whirring sounds from the boiler when you aren’t even near it.

Often, such disconcerting sounds can be evidence of something mechanically wrong with the boiler, such as a broken valve or heat pump. On the other hand, simple wear and tear could be responsible. In situations like these, the boiler might need either repairing or replacing.

At your home in Greater London or the South East, we can closely inspect the boiler to determine what repair or replacement work might be needed – and then, but only with your approval, provide it. 

If you worry about the state of your boiler, don’t worry in silence; call our Leatherhead, Barnes or Richmond plumbers on 0203 370 0066 for expert guidance and a free quote.


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