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5 frequent summer heating problems to keep a lookout for

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The warmer months probably aren’t a time of year when you will want to be thinking very much about your home maintenance requirements – you’ll almost certainly prefer to be getting ‘out and about’ in the sun, or perhaps simply enjoying time with your family and friends.

Unfortunately, though, plumbing problems don’t wait until the end of the summer to occur. So, here are a few potential issues with your home plumbing that you ought to be alert to, so that if they do arise, you can quickly and easily spot them and call Beckenham, Sunbury or Guildford plumbers like ours.

Shower drains that take a while to clear

Those fun family days out at the beach can so easily lead to all of you bringing back sand, dirt and other debris that may get caught up in bathing suits and washed down shower drains – which can be vulnerable to becoming blocked in turn.

Installing a drain cover could help to catch such debris. However, you should also keep a close eye on the drain cover over the course of the week, routinely removing any trapped hair or dirt to help ensure your shower drain remains nice and clear.

Leaking taps and pipes

It’s all too easy to simply notice your taps leaking now and again, without also stopping to think about how all of that wasted water could cause your bills to spiral.

Leaky taps are often caused by stress on the pipes, which can be caused – in turn – by such customary summer activities as using garden hoses and sprinklers and filling swimming pools.

Blocked gutters

Guttering is a part of the home that is typically ‘out of sight, out of mind’, and you might spend even less time thinking about your property’s guttering during the summer than in the winter months.

So, we would urge you to pay some attention to your gutters at this hotter time of year. After all, you won’t want the gradual accumulation of leaves, twigs, grass clippings and other traditionally ‘summery’ falling debris to cause serious plumbing problems come the autumn and winter.

Blocked toilets

This is a bit of a notorious one during the summer, which is a time of year when every member of the family may be in the house.

That’s why you might want to give your loved ones a bit of a ‘pep talk’ on appropriate use of the toilet, including only using as much toilet paper as they need, and not flushing food or baby wipes down it. Investing in a plunger could also be a good idea for resolving those smaller blockages that don’t require you to call our Kingston, Wembley or Guildford plumbers.

Overloaded washing machines

With every member of the household possibly rushing in and out of the property during this time, building up a sweat and accumulating dirt on their clothes, it’s understandable that your washing machine may be given a serious workout in the summer.

You can help to minimise the risk of washing-machine-related blockages by keeping loads small. You should also routinely check the hoses to and from your machine for any signs of leakages or kinks, and might also consider slightly moving out your washing machine from the wall to make overheating less likely.

With problems like the above frightfully common for many homeowners in the summer, this time of year unfortunately isn’t one when you can forget about your property’s plumbing systems. Instead, you’ll need to stay as alert as ever, although if you do have any concerns or emergencies, our Battersea, Woking and Guildford plumbers are available when you call 0203 370 0066.

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