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5 things landlords should be checking about their properties this summer

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The summer isn’t exactly a time of year that many of us associate with having to call in a plumber. But if anything, the potential for complacency during this season is precisely why you need to be so vigilant about the maintenance of any property you own right now – and it’s no less the case if you are a landlord.

Here, then, are just five things to be alert to during months when you and your tenants might otherwise be distracted by fun in the sun. 

The boiler and heating system 

The summer is hardly a time of year when your tenants are especially likely to put the heating on very often – but what about when autumn rolls around? They may only discover then that there are issues with the boiler or wider central heating system that it might have been possible for them to identify months earlier.

So, during this season when there isn’t quite so much demand for heating engineers, it’s a good idea to get such a professional to check over your boiler. If they do pinpoint any issues, they will also be able to provide a quote to address it before the problem becomes worse and pricier to fix. 

The air conditioning 

The air conditioning in your property, it’s fair to say, might well be in more extensive use by your tenants at this time. Consider, then, getting an electrician to look over it. The best-quality service is likely to include not only a thorough check of the appliance, but also the likes of damper adjustment, coil cleaning and the removal of any debris that may be imperilling the A/C system’s efficiency.

The carpet

It doesn’t matter how conscientious your tenant is – the fact remains that if your property is occupied, the carpet will be in contact with human feet on a regular basis. During this season when the tenant is likely to be spending more of their time outside, or you may be welcoming new tenants, you might take the chance to have the carpet professionally cleaned and deodorised. 

The gutters

You might understandably wonder why there’s any particular urgency to check your property’s guttering at a time when outdoor conditions are likely to be great. But if anything, that’s the whole point – a sunny day is an ideal moment to check that your gutters aren’t blocked or bowed as a result of adverse conditions during the autumn and winter just gone.

Bear in mind that when a house’s gutters overflow, this can cause water to flow down exterior walls and seep into the building fabric, creating damp inside. So, the state of your property’s guttering is definitely not a trivial matter. 

The drains 

Drainage is another aspect of property maintenance that our Kingston, Beckenham and Sunbury plumbers here at PGS Plumbers are experienced in dealing with. And it’s something else that landlords and tenants alike may easily overlook, especially during the summer months. 

So, be sure to take advantage of the great outdoor visibility at the moment to ensure your property’s outside drains aren’t blocked. Inside, there should also be no discernible issues with the drainage of the kitchen sink, bathroom sink and bath. And if any problems become apparent that you struggle to solve on your own, rest assured that our professionals can quickly assist. 

Our comprehensive expertise, unstinting professionalism and competitive and transparent pricing have helped to give us a leading reputation among Guildford, Hampstead and Sunbury plumbers and heating engineers. We’re also experienced in working alongside local landlords and agents, so why not call 0203 370 0066 now to find out more about our specialised and trusted services?  

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