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5 ways to keep warm for less when working from home

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The recent England-wide lockdown has sent many of us from offices back into our homes for work. That, in turn, brings a new dilemma: all of a sudden, it’s you, rather than your employer, who is paying to keep you toasty-warm for the entirety of the working day and beyond.

And of course, you’re unlikely to be as productive as you otherwise could be, if you’re shivering all day in a chilly home. So, what advice would our Kingston, Beckenham and Tadworth plumbers give for keeping warm this winter, without sending your heating bills sky-high?

Don’t keep your heating on all day

This might seem like an obvious tip for saving money, but it’s one overlooked by many London and Home Counties residents. Yes, it will mean your home takes longer to heat up, but setting a timer on your boiler so that it only turns on for a few hours a day will help to warm up your home at exactly the times of day you most need it.

Limit your thermostat to 18 degrees C

Did you know that according to recent research, you could save as much as £80 a year on your energy bills simply by turning your thermostat down one degree? Not only that, but according to experts, 18 degrees C is sufficient to ensure a comfortable home temperature during the winter.

Move large furniture away from the radiators

Your radiators might be doing sterling work, but you may not feel much warm air if it’s being blocked from reaching you by a sofa, table or similarly large piece of furniture. So, you might spend some of this winter rearranging some of the furniture in your working space to avoid having to crank up the heating – and being hit with the associated rise in energy bills.

Cover up draughts

Heat is routinely lost in the home through the gaps around doors. Of course, you could buy draught excluders to place against the bottom of your home’s doors, but a rolled-up small rug put at the base or even an old single curtain hung from the top of the door could work just as well.

Invest in boiler servicing or powerflushing

Like the other tips in this list, this is advice that applies as strongly to future winters as it does to this one. A lot of people, for example, overlook the importance of having their heating equipment professionally serviced at least once a year. Similarly, a powerflush can be a potent way of boosting the performance and efficiency of your central heating system.

Understandably, you might wonder why it’s worth paying the expense of services like the above, if your boiler and central heating system currently seem to be working fine. However, routine annual servicing can be great for pinpointing potential problems well in advance of them becoming much more serious – and expensive-to-fix – issues.

As we said above, it’s not just this winter you should be thinking about when it comes to saving money, but also future winters. That might be all the more reason for you to call our Barnes, Purley and Tadworth plumbers today, on 0203 370 0066, for free advice and quotes.

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