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5 ways to keep warm this winter that don’t involve turning up the heating

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The recent news regarding the rise in energy prices is causing concern for many people in the UK. With energy bills expected to increase by up to 30% next year, many people are considering other ways to keep warm without having to turn the heating up.


And if you’re struggling for ideas as to how you can do precisely that, here are some suggestions from our own Leatherhead, Tadworth and Wimbledon plumbers at PGS Plumbers.

1. Fill up a hot water bottle

Using a hot water bottle is a simple and inexpensive way to keep warm during the chillier months. Choose a hot water bottle with a soft cover for added luxury and comfort, and you’ll be surprised at how effective it can be. Make sure you don’t use boiling hot water, though, and ensure the cap is screwed on properly so that you don’t have any accidents. 

2. Get a health check

It is, of course, normal to feel colder in the winter months, but if you have an underlying health condition or a vitamin deficiency, you may have increased sensitivity to the cooler temperatures.


If everyone around you has managed to warm up but you still feel like an ice cube, then it might be a good idea to pay your doctor a visit. According to the Mayo Clinic, iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, Raynaud’s disease and thyroid problems can all cause you to feel cold.

3. Layer up (the right way!)

Sometimes, wearing lots of layers isn’t effective and can be quite uncomfortable. The trick is to wear the right type of fabrics and layer them correctly:

- The bottom layer should ideally be light and airy, for example a long-sleeved merino wool or silk top.
- The middle layer works as your insulator, so fleece would be ideal.
- The final layer should be only needed if you are going outside, so a jacket made of nylon would work well.

Thermal clothing also works well, as it keeps the body at the right temperature while moisture (sweat) is removed, and traps body heat better than the clothes you would normally wear.

4. Insulate

Making sure your home is properly insulated can help save money and energy. There are different types of insulation for walls and roofs, and it may be time to consider double glazed windows and even floor insulation. If floor insulation is not an option, you could place a few good rugs around your home.

5. Get your body moving

Exercising, dancing to your favourite music or even having a little stretch can all help boost your circulation. This, in turn, will assist in keeping you warm as your body temperature naturally rises.

While switching on the heating at some point may become essential for your health and safety, the above tips will hopefully help you avoid hefty energy bills during the winter months. If you have any issues with your plumbing or heating at any time, our Clapham, Purley and Wimbledon plumbers can answer your call, for a great-value price.

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