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Bathtub vs. shower: which should you have fitted in your bathroom?

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It’s one of the key questions you might ask yourself as you look to refurbish the bathroom in your London or Home Counties home – which is the best option, a bathtub or a shower?

While some residential properties do combine a bathtub and shower in a single unit, there might be budgetary or practical factors that prevent this being a possibility for you – thereby forcing you to make a choice between the two.

If this sounds like your situation, here are some of the factors you ought to think about when making your decision.

Which is healthier, bathing or showering?

It’s hard to cite a specific answer for this question, as bathing and showering are each associated with different possible health benefits. Research has suggested, for instance, that if you’re feeling anxious or lonely, soaking in a warm bath could help to calm you and restore your mental health.

Showering, meanwhile, may be especially good for your physical health. Hot showers have been linked to the soothing of sore muscles and the alleviation of colds, while cold showers are said by some to stimulate weight loss and support immunity.

Would a shower clean you more thoroughly than a bath?

You might understandably assume so – given that, theoretically, you wouldn’t have to sit in a bath for long before you are essentially sitting in the dirt that has just come off your body.

In a sense, the theory is right – but all you would need to do to remove the last of that dirt off your body after a bath is rinse off. Ultimately, a bath actually cleans you more thoroughly than a shower.

Which is quicker, bathing or showering?

You probably won’t be too surprised to learn that showering takes the prize here – since, before washing yourself in a bathtub, you would need to do the time-consuming job of filling it. Therefore, if your time is often tight, you might usually prefer showering.

Do you anticipate selling your property at a later date?

If so, you might be tempted to swap your bathroom’s bathtub for a shower stall, given that the time-efficiency of using showers seemingly lends itself better to many people’s busy lifestyles.

However, you should think carefully about what type of people may be interested in buying your house. For many families with little children, only a bathtub will do.

As you can see, then, there’s no simple answer to the question of whether you should opt for a bathtub or shower in your domestic property.

It’s convenient that our professionals here at PGS Plumbers include Reigate, Oxshott and Chiswick plumbers who can fit both bathtubs and showers in these parts of the South East.So, why not give us a call now – on 0203 370 0066 – to discuss with us how we could best serve your needs, and to request your competitive quote?

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