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So, you’re having a gas cooker or hob installed at your London property...

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...but do you know everything that you need to know to make this delicate operation a success? Indeed, is it even possible or desirable to install your new gas cooker or hob yourself, or should you be calling professionals like our own Surbiton, Wembley or Battersea plumbers to do it for you?

The answer – and we realise this might be a disappointment to those of you of a more ‘DIY’ mindset – is that you need to entrust a Gas Safe registered engineer with this particular specialised task.

The reasons for this are simple, with safety being the main one – failing to install your new gas cooker or hob correctly could heighten the chances of potentially extremely dangerous gas leaks and carbon monoxide leaks. It just isn’t worth taking any unnecessary risks.

Furthermore, even if you were to successfully install your gas cooker yourself, you would still be legally required to arrange for a Gas Safe registered engineer to check the gas stove, wiring and gas lines for any signs of leaks. So, you might as well just have one of our Chiswick, Tooting or Battersea plumbers do the actual installation job, too.

What does gas cooker installation actually involve?

There’s a fair bit more entailed in the process of having a gas cooker and hob installed at your London property than you might initially realise.

After all, not only must the gas valve in your home be shut off followed by the unplugging of all lines and the existing gas cooker, but the connector will also need to be screwed onto the gas line, and a street elbow must be connected into the cooker gas port. Leaks will then need to be checked for.

As for the hob, again, you might be tempted to try to install it yourself, but only Gas Safe registered engineers will be permitted to actually connect it to the gas.

If you were to attempt a gas hob installation on your own, there’s a strong likelihood of you overlooking vital factors, such as the need to ensure adequate ventilation. This will prove crucial if a gas leak occurs one day, which – as very unlikely as it might seem – could be catastrophic.

Don’t take your chances – get in touch with dependable experts

When you wish to ensure you are absolutely legally compliant and have taken every possible measure to ensure the safety of the users of your new gas cooker or hob, why look further than the gas appliance installation services that PGS Plumbers can provide?

Enquire to our Banstead, Finchley or Battersea plumbers today for all of the advice you will need about your gas cooker and hob installation, before arranging a highly competitive quote for the job itself, and making the most of our same-day service.

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