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From 1st April 2009, there is an entirely new registration scheme for gas installers in Great Britain that agents must be aware of - the Gas Safe Register™.
From now on the Gas Safe Register is the only HSE-approved scheme, replacing the previous CORGI register. This means that all gas engineers must be Gas Safe registered in order to legally and safely work on any gas fittings in homes and certain commercial premises.

Instead of the old orange CORGI badge, engineers should now display the yellow Gas Safety Register triangle on their ID card.

Last year, 14 people died from carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from poorly installed, repaired or maintained gas appliances, yet incredibly a report from the Gas Safe Register suggests that more than half of British people “take it on trust” that their engineer is properly registered.

The message is clear: help us keep Britain’s homes gas safe by ensuring the gas engineers you use are Gas Safe registered.

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