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New boilers mean new safety checks!

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Since April 2005, when building regulations made it compulsory to fit only high-efficiency boilers, ‘A’ rated high efficiency boilers have been the most popular type to be installed.

With a range of different makes and models now falling into this bracket, it is essential that annual safety checks and services are carried out as per the manufacturer’s instructions. For ‘A’ rated boilers this involves the use of a flue gas analyser to check that CO and CO2 emissions are within the safety limits. Without a flue gas analyser these boilers cannot be checked properly.

electricalUnfortunately not all gas engineers adhere to these directions, and a reluctance to spend the necessary money on test equipment and assessments can leave such engineers falling short of their responsibilities. Gas operatives using flue gas analysers need to demonstrate their competence by undertaking the CPA 1 assessment.

At PGS Plumbers, we pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with all new regulations and assessments; all our engineers have taken the CPA 1 assessment and all carry the appropriate analysers.

So remember, 'A' rated boilers need an 'A' rated safety check!

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