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As the price cap is lifted, how can you keep your spring and summer heating costs down?

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This past year has been, to say the least, extremely challenging for many of us – on a personal level, but also in terms of our household finances.

So, the news in February from gas and electricity regulator Ofgem, confirming that the price cap for default domestic energy deals would be lifted from April – pushing up annual bills for the typical consumer by almost £100 – wasn’t exactly widely welcomed.

Of course, there is some good news to counteract this, at least on paper, given that we have finally reached spring. The higher outdoor temperatures should therefore give a lot of us the luxury of being able to turn off our heating more often until the colder months return.

Indeed, according to energy experts, the perfect day to turn off your central heating in readiness for the spring and summer heat is Sunday 14th March, as reported by the Liverpool Echo.

That still leaves another question, though: what else can you do to continue limiting how much energy your household consumes, and therefore how much you will need to pay in the months ahead? Here are a few ideas, as suggested by our Sunbury, Dorking and Beckenham plumbers.

Leave your radiators uncovered

Your radiators exist to generate heat, so it would be a terrible waste if you didn’t feel the benefit of that heat as a result of something blocking it from even getting to you.

And yet, that’s the situation in so many London and Home Counties homes, where radiators are often covered with drying clothes, or even blocked by furniture. This unnecessarily blocks the flow of warm air around the property, leaving occupants feeling colder than they need to be.

Close your curtains

Yes, these are somewhat low-tech solutions we’re suggesting, but those are often the ones that work best! So much of the heat in a South East England home escapes through its windows and walls, and closed curtains can act as a barrier, keeping more of that heat inside.

But in keeping with our above tip about radiators, you should make sure your curtains are tucked behind your radiators, instead of potentially covering them.

Purchase an additional rug

A lot of South East residents love rugs anyway for the charm, comfort and for that matter, homeliness they add to a home. But another great reason to purchase one is the extra layer of insulation a rug can provide in your property, trapping cold air and keeping your home warmer.

Turn off radiators in unused rooms

If – like so many of us – you are currently working from home, you may be especially prone to leaving the heating on all day, including in rooms that you never venture into. Just think of spaces like the dining room where you might not exactly be welcoming many guests right now due to lockdown conditions, or the spare bedroom that no one is presently sleeping in.

Turning off the radiators in these rooms can therefore be a great – and simple – way to help drive down your spring and summer energy costs.

Remember that whatever challenges your spring and summer brings – and whatever course the coronavirus pandemic takes – here at PGS Plumbers, our Brentford, Chertsey and Beckenham plumbers will continue to be here for you.

Indeed, we’re still active across Greater London throughout the COVID-19 crisis! So, please don’t hesitate to call us, on 0203 370 0066, for free advice and quotes in relation to any plumbing or heating problem in the weeks and months ahead.

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