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Setting New Year resolutions...make sure you have your boiler serviced

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At this time of year when so many of us are thinking about how we can transform our lifestyles and achieve our ambitions through changes in our day-to-day habits, it's so often the mundane – but important – stuff that can be most easily overlooked. And you can rest assured that regular boiler servicing is definitely one of those mundane-but-important things.

After all, it is the cold and dark months like January when we are likely to be especially dependent on the fuss-free use of our boiler. However, that also means if anything goes wrong with your boiler, you might struggle to get hold of Guildford, Tadworth or Leatherhead plumbers who will be able to repair it for you, given how in-demand such professionals tend to be during the chillier seasons.

So, let's remind you of some of the reasons why you ought to have your own boiler serviced at least every 12 months to help to ensure its continued safe and efficient operation.

It'll enable you to identify problems early

Given the 'January blues' you may be suffering from already, you'll scarcely want now to be the time your boiler suddenly ceases to work, thereby leaving you without the hot water, for example, that you depend on for such tasks as washing up, running a bath and cleaning the car.

Arranging for regular servicing, though, will enable one of our Gas Safe registered engineers to check over your system and identify and address any emerging issues, before they have the chance to deteriorate into something much more serious and terminal.

It'll save you money

Sure, it'll cost you money to have Hampstead, Woking or Leatherhead plumbers check your boiler once a year, but it makes a lot more long-term financial sense than not servicing your boiler, and leaving it to become gradually less and less efficient until it breaks altogether.

Regular servicing will help to ensure your boiler not only lasts for longer – thereby saving you from having to prematurely fork out for a new boiler – but also remains at peak efficiency. The latter will be instrumental in keeping your energy bills affordable.

It'll help to keep you safe

Even if you're comfortable enough with the cost and inconvenience issues that could arise if you don't have your boiler serviced regularly, another very important reason to make the arrangement of such servicing one of your New Year resolutions is the safety angle.

Carbon monoxide is referred to as a 'silent killer', given that it is clear and lacks any scent, which makes a leak difficult to spot. While gas leaks are very rare, they can be extremely dangerous and even fatal, causing symptoms like headaches, breathlessness and nausea that might be initially presumed to be due to something else.

So, the team here at PGS Plumbers would strongly urge you not to put you and your family – or indeed, your wallet or comfort in your home – at unnecessary risk this New Year. Instead, get in touch with our Dorking, Streatham or Leatherhead plumbers today to arrange the boiler service that will allow you to put your mind at rest right through what remains of the winter.

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