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Solar water heating - just hype, or genuinely worth it

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You may have heard of them being referred to as solar water heating systems or solar thermal systems – either way, there is the same broad principle behind them. Such a system is designed to use the sun's free and abundant energy to heat a home's hot water. 

But is the opportunity to have a solar hot water heating system installed at your property one that you should enquire to our Wembley, Dorking or Finchley plumbers about... or is it merely 'trendy' rather than something that will make a real difference to your household?

First of all, it's not just about you 

Sure, our team here at PGS Plumbers cares greatly about bringing greater convenience to your life and reducing your family's energy bills. 

But if you'e thinking of having a solar heating system fitted at your property, there's a good chance that you will also be at least partly thinking about your carbon footprint, and our shared responsibility as a society to reduce our adverse impact on the only Earth we have. 

Well, a lowered carbon footprint is certainly something you can be assured of when you have our highly trained renewable energy heating engineers install such a system at your own humble abode. 

However, part of the beauty of drawing upon renewable energy in this way is the opportunity it also gives you to significantly slash your bills. Such a system works on the basis of solar thermal panels fitted to a property, with these absorbing the sun’s heat and transferring it to the water used in the home. 

It should hardly be a great surprise, then, that according to the Centre for Sustainable Energy, a well-installed and properly used solar hot water system could slash £55 off a household’s outgoings each year when it replaces gas heating. If, meanwhile, it’s electric immersion heating that such a system is replacing, savings of about £80 a year are possible.

But wait... what about the obvious drawback? 

Even if a solar water heating system might – in theory – seem like a great idea, surely, you wouldn't be able to use yours all year round? 

Well, actually, you can, although it's true that during the winter months, you’ll need to use a boiler or immersion heater to heat your water further, so that you can be sure of your household’s full requirements being met. 

So, a solar thermal system isn't a complete replacement for your current arrangements for heating water. Nonetheless, with sunlight itself being free, once you've paid for the initial installation, you'll be able to look forward to notably reduced hot water costs, which means the right solar heating system is likely to prove a highly worthwhile investment overall. 

Don't wait any longer to arrange your own solar thermal installation 

Brentford, Guildford, Ealing, Harrow and Finchley plumbers – to name just some of the areas of London that we serve – are ready and waiting to provide a free consultation in relation to a solar heating system, and to give you all of the other assistance you might need. 

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