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When is it the right time to replace your boiler?

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There’s no doubt about it; your boiler is a very significant part of the energy equation in your home. Indeed, the boiler alone is said to be responsible for about 60% of a household’s energy bills – so, you’ll want to be sure that yours is always working well and delivering the utmost efficiency.

But what are the signs you need to keep a lookout for to determine whether it may soon be time to replace your boiler? Below, our skilled and experienced Teddington, Woking and Fulham plumbers here at PGS Plumbers have outlined just a few of them. 

The boiler is frequently breaking down 

If you're finding yourself having to call out one of our Gas Safe registered engineers more than once a year to get your boiler back up and running, the cost of these repeated repairs and callouts may be starting to outweigh how much it would set you back to simply buy a new boiler.

As long as you have your current boiler regularly serviced, it should be operating trouble-free over the year regardless. But if i'’s still having issues despite this, it might be time to seriously consider a replacement. 

It's becoming harder to find replacement parts 

A boiler being old, in and of itself, isn't necessarily a reason to have it replaced. However, one unfortunate consequence of allowing your boiler to progress well into its 'golden years', might be that it becomes tricky to source the replacement parts necessary to fix and maintain it. 

And of course, the harder it becomes to find those parts, the more you might find yourself having to effectively pay for them. So, out-and-out replacement could start to make a lot of sense. 

Your energy bills are gradually rising, for no other obvious reason 

It's well worth considering what impact the efficiency rating of your boiler might be having on how much comes out of your bank account in energy payments each month. 

Boilers are rated from A – in the case of the most efficient modern boilers – to G, with the former operating at more than 90% efficiency, and the latter running at 70% or less. Upgrading from a G-rated boiler to an A-rated one could slash about £200 a year off these outgoings, so this course of action could become a more financially attractive one over time.  

The boiler's performance isn't what it was 

You might be seeing more and more signs, as your boiler ages, that its best days are behind it. Maybe i's taking longer for your radiators to warm up, or the boiler pressure needs to be constantly adjusted? 

Of course, it's important to establish whether your boiler becoming more antiquated is actually to blame for such issues, to rule out the possibility of there simply being a system build-up or blockage preventing it from working properly. If your boiler is the direct cause, though, it might be the right moment to have it replaced. 

Remember that whatever your concerns might be in relation to your boiler or central heating performance, it's well worth getting in touch with our qualified Putney, Barnes or Fulham plumbers, so that you can put your mind at rest about the cause of the problem and the best step to take. You're welcome to call us now, on 0203 370 0066, to request free advice and quotes


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