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Things to think about if you're planning a new bathroom

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The relationship that the typical London or Surrey homeowner has with their bathroom has undergone some very significant changes in recent years. While the bathroom was once largely seen as a merely practical space, more and more have us have come to see it as an invaluable refuge amid our ever-busy and stressful day-to-day lives. 

In fact, a new bathroom could even add a good few percentage points to the value of your property, provided that the space is designed in a way that makes sense for a prospective buyer. 

But of course, if you aren’t intending to immediately sell your home, any new bathroom needs to really work for you, too. So, what are some of the factors you will need to consider? 

What do you actually require from your bathroom? 

Surprisingly few of us take the time to ask ourselves this question when we have a new bathroom in mind. The needs of someone who wishes their bathroom to be somewhere to which to escape, will be very different to those of someone who expects this part of the home to invigorate and energise them.

Consider not necessarily how you use your present bathroom, but how you'd use your dream bathroom. How will the whole scheme ideally function, and what implications will this have for the new bathroom's fixtures, fittings and even its colour scheme? 

What layout do you have in mind? 

Of course, you might be perfectly happy with your existing bathroom layout. If so, we'd advise you against changing anything for the sake of 'freshening things up', especially if you’re on a tight budget, given how expensive it can be to move waste and water pipes. 

In any case, simply replacing your bathroom's current fittings, floorings and tiles should be more than good enough for 'refreshing' how it all feels. And even if the present layout doesn't feel quite right for you, relatively small changes – such as fitting sliding doors – could give you real 'bang for your buck' (or, this being Britain, 'punch for your pound'). 

What budget will you be working with? 

We've mentioned budget so much, in part because it really is crucial for ensuring you get the optimal results from your bathroom renovation, at the right price. 

In particular, we'd urge you to finalise your budget in advance, so that you can prioritise what things to spend a significant amount of cash on, and decide which aspects of the space you're happy to be done much more 'on the cheap'. Just one beautiful piece like a freestanding bath, for instance, could give your bathroom a real 'spa' vibe, even if the surroundings are a lot more basic. 

There's only one bathroom fitting company to which you need to turn 

Before we go, there's one other thing we would suggest you bear in mind when planning a new bathroom – the comprehensive bathroom fitting service that can be provided by PGS Plumbers! 

Whether you're specifically seeking out Wimbledon, Leatherhead, Tadworth, Brixton or Oxshott plumbers to carry out your next bathroom installation – to cite just some of the areas of Surrey and London that we serve – we can provide a high-quality and cost-effective service. 

Simply call the PGS Plumbers team now, on 0203 370 0066, or complete our online contact form to receive free advice and quotes. 

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