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What is a hydro massage bath, and how could it benefit you?

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We’re undoubtedly living in stressful times – so much so that in the evening, after a long and hard day of work, your first instinct might understandably be to settle into a warm and soothing bath. The health benefits of bathing can be multiplied, however, when you have a hydro massage bath fitted in your property.

You might have heard of hydro massage and perhaps even received it, such as at a spa or gym. However,you may not have realised that this reinvigorating treatment is available even in the comfort of your own home,once a hydro massage bath has been installed there.

How does a hydro massage bath work?

This unorthodox type of bathtub is fitted with jets that can spray water across the whole body, stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems in the process. As a consequence, spending time in a hydro massage bath could enrich both your physical and mental health.

Hot water already positively affects the mind, inducing the parasympathetic nervous system to ramp up its output of hormones and help the body to relax. However, the massage also applies pressure that stimulates endorphin production, further adding to your pleasure.

As the nozzles on hydro massage baths can be swivelled, the jets they produce can be redirected – such as towards your heart, resulting in the stimulation and activation of your lymphatic system. This process, in turn, can lead your body to drain liquids in tissue and combat cellulite.

How a hydro massage bath can aid recovery

If you have a particularly active lifestyle, getting into a hydro massage bath after a session of intense physical exercise could help your body to heal and repair itself.

A hydro massage bath can treat the results of minor trauma such as contracted muscles, bruises and sprains. This type of bath can also combine hot water and air massage to – with a little help from specific essential oils you apply yourself – give your skin a smoother, toned and more polished feel.

As hydro massage baths have also been credited with improving peripheral circulation and easing joint pain, as well as reducing blood sugar responsible for type 2 diabetes, these clever pieces of tech add up to a great-value package overall.

Arrange for the fitting of a hydro massage bath at your Greater London home

Our team of bathroom fitters here at PGS Plumbers includes Kingston, Purley and Leatherhead plumbers who are ready to install hydro massage baths at residences in these areas.

In fact, wherever you live in Greater London or the South East of England, we can provide you, free of charge, with advice and a quote for hydro massage bath installation.

We provide wide-ranging plumbing and bathroom services for the owners of domestic properties in Leatherhead, Wimbledon, Brentford and so many other areas in this part of the UK – and the installation of a hydro massage bath could be one of the best decisions you ever make! So, don’t hesitate to call 0203 370 0066 today for your highly competitive quote. 

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