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When will Brits put on their central heating this year – and when should they?

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''We've probably all noticed the natural transition of the seasons lately, with daylight hours dropping, the clouds becoming ominously grey, and more of us having to trudge our way through rain on the way to and from our workplaces. Temperatures, too, are falling as winter looms, and some of us are already responding by turning up our home thermostats.

But that raises a few interesting questions; firstly, on what date do Brits typically put on their central heating, and secondly, when ought they do so?

After all, while there are few feelings quite as satisfying on cold and dark nights as a toasty home, you’ll pay for it in the form of higher energy bills. So, here are some things to bear in mind when making your own decision.

October’s when many of us reach for our thermostats

The short answer to the question of when Brits typically turn on their central heating, is October – although the exact time of the month we do so seems to vary.

House Beautiful magazine, for instance, recently cited Google Trends data from last year as indicating that the most popular date for Britons to put on their central heating is 3rd October.

This contrasts with a report in the Mirror, again from last year, pointing to a possible 17th October date. However, this was a mere prediction being made at the time by George Chalmers of automated energy-switching company Migrate.

So, is there a good or bad time to turn the heating on?

There isn’t a particular time when everyone is advised to put up their thermostat, and nor is there even a specific outdoor temperature when you should be doing so.

As Caitlin Brent, an expert from the Energy Saving Trust, was recently quoted by Red as saying: “There’s no single temperature at which you should turn on your heating, it depends on how well insulated your home is and your own comfort thresholds.

“Better insulated homes will remain at a comfortable temperature inside with lower outdoor temperatures, so every home will be different. The best thing to do is to use a room thermostat to control your heating. Your room thermostat should be set between 18 and 21 degrees C.”

Your age and any specific medical requirements may also largely dictate when you ultimately put on your central heating. It really is a different situation for everyone.

But the importance of professional and capable plumbers remains a constant

Whatever time and date you push up your own home thermostat, you will want to be confident that your property’s central heating system is actually up to the job – as well as that any boiler and heating issues that do arise in the months ahead are dealt with promptly and thoroughly.

This is precisely what our own Bromley, Hackney and Acton plumbers and heating engineers can help to ensure for you during what looks sure to be a long and cold winter.

Give us a call now on 0203 370 0066, and wherever you are in the greater London area, you can expect a professional and rapid response to your query, as well as a high level of expertise and capability in central heating and boiler installation, servicing and repair.

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