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Why you should have your central heating system powerflushed ahead of the cold snap

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Here at PGS Plumbers, we have the Clapham, Oxshott and Wimbledon plumbers on hand to powerflush your central heating system before the ‘deep freeze’ of the winter fully sets in.


During the colder months, it’s fair to say that most of us are largely focused on keeping our humble abodes nice and toasty-warm. However, one of the most advanced and effective methods for keeping central heating systems high-performing and efficient is often overlooked by even the most conscientious London residents.


Powerflushing: explained


When you’re seeking the quickest and most impactful way to flush your heating system with minimal disruption, you can’t beat powerflushing. It helps to improve heating system performance by flushing out undesirable by-products, optimising your radiators’ heat output and promoting energy efficiency.


The sheer power of powerflushing is instrumental in improving circulation throughout your central heating system’s pipe work. This, in turn, gives your boiler and radiators a break, thereby minimising the likelihood of them failing, which would leave you with a costly repair or replacement bill when you probably least need it.


Choose the most trustworthy Greater London plumbers


PGS Plumbers is a highly reputable firm of plumbers and heating engineers operating throughout London and the Home Counties. Arranging for capable and seasoned professionals like ourselves to carry out your home’s powerflush is vital.


We possess in-depth expertise and experience in relation to home heating and plumbing, so you can be confident that the powerflush we undertake at your property will be of the highest standard.


Don’t get caught out in the cold this winter


If you know that your central heating system suffers from any of the issues detailed below, it might be a good time to invest in powerflushing before the chill, rain and maybe even snow settles in!


● The central heating system taking a while to warm up

● Your radiators suffering from cold spots 

● Discoloured and dirty radiator water 

● The radiators needing to be bled frequently 

● Radiator perforations and leakages

● The heating pump often failing  

● Kettle-like noises being frequently heard from the boiler


Request our powerflushing service, and you could soon be saying goodbye to all of these problems and more. Our service is a simple and effective one that replaces aggressive water with chemically treated clean water, thereby also helping to ward off future corrosion and degradation in your system. That has to be a reassuring prospect, amid the toughness of the months ahead. 


Powerflushing can bring all manner of benefits 


Have your central heating system ‘flushed out’ by our team before the winter makes itself fully felt, and you can look forward to not only a more efficient central heating and hot water system, but also lower fuel bills, reduced boiler noise, and greater general peace of mind. 


To learn more about what powerflushing could do for your home’s central heating system, simply click through to our dedicated page on this key service. Then, once you’re confident in doing so, reach out to our Barnes, Chertsey or Wimbledon plumbers today for free advice and a competitive powerflushing quote.  

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