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Yes, even the warmer months can bring serious drainage problems!

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The summer might not exactly strike you as being a time of year when you’re likely to have major drainage issues at your London or Home Counties property. After all, isn’t this season all about family barbecues, overseas holidays or just catching some rays on the beach?

Of course, this particular summer has already proved to be one with a difference due to the coronavirus outbreak that has prevented a lot of people engaging in activities like the above.

But even during ‘normal’ summers in London or the wider South East of England, there’s good reason to pay more attention to your home’s drainage than you might have done in all of your summers so far. Below, our Hackney, Finchley and Wandsworth plumbers explain more.

What drainage issues are actually likely to happen at this time of year?

Well, first of all, let’s acknowledge how the conditions of summer can serve to make drainage problems at your Greater London property worse.

Sure, there might not be quite as much demand for Bromley, Acton or Wandsworth plumbers right now compared to the winter. But it’s precisely because of this that getting in touch with such professionals today to arrange the cleaning, repair or unblocking of your drains can be such a good idea.

After all, you probably won’t have to wait as long for them to arrive as you would at the height of the autumn or winter. Plus, getting any minor or emerging problems sorted now will help you to avoid having to phone a plumber in a state of panic if those unresolved issues one day turn into an emergency situation.

Bear in mind, too, that the growth of bushes and trees during the summer can present some real risks to your drainage as leaves fall and tree roots potentially become unruly to the point of blocking your drains. This, in turn, could end up causing foul odours, worsened by the heat.

The problem isn’t necessarily just outdoors, either

Sure, there might be a slight risk of some summer drainage issues, but those should be easy enough to anticipate and fix, right? However, even if that is the case, you might also need to keep a close eye on your indoor pipes.

If, for instance, you head to the beach with your family, and they bring back sand and small pebbles that are then washed off in the shower or bath and go down the plughole, such debris might become mixed with hair and other dirt, accumulating to the extent of causing a blockage.

So, just because the likelihood of major drainage problems at your home may seem small enough not to worry about, that doesn’t mean you should be complacent about it. Be sure, then, to keep an eye out for telltale signs of trouble like the above, and which could so easily lead to much bigger problems – such as burst pipes or flooding – when you least need it.

Remember, too, that whatever your concerns might be, you’re welcome to contact our Harrow, Ealing or Wandsworth plumbers for free advice, by calling 0203 370 0066. Our professionals here at PGS Plumbers can help to ensure you spend your summer doing all of the things you enjoy, rather than worrying too much about your pipes and drainage!

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