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5 benefits of having a wet room installed in your residential property

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In theory, any home can be fitted out with a “wet room” – a shower room that jettisons the usual shower screen and tray in favour of an open and fully tiled shower area.

A wet room isn’t for everyone, and installing one is definitely work best left to professionals, such as our Dorking, Leatherhead or Woking plumbers. However, here are just some reasons why a wet room may work out well for you.

A wet room can look super-slick and contemporary

As a wet room is built to largely erase the usual boundary between the shower area and the rest of a bathroom, it can look beautifully sumptuous. A wet room’s floor and walls typically need to be fully tiled, but you can choose the tile style – perhaps a modern or geometric pattern.

You could increase your property’s value

This is at least on the assumption that the wet room is added as a second bathroom rather than as a replacement for the existing one. Homebuyers usually prefer to see at least one bath in any home they consider – but fortunately, our team here at PGS Plumbers knows how to install baths and wet rooms alike.

Wet rooms are well-suited to small bathrooms

This is because, while many showers are essentially built over a bathtub, installing a wet room allows you to remove the bathtub altogether to free up an unexpectedly large amount of space.

Wet rooms are relatively easy to clean

This is in comparison to traditional bathrooms and shower cubicles, as usersdon’t have to spend time and effort cleaning any shower screen or tray.

Even if your wet room is part of an otherwise conventional bathroom, you could have the sink and toilet wall-hung to make it easier for you to thoroughly clean the whole space.

The floor can end up better protected than a standard bathroom’s

It is important for us to make clear that installing a wet room does require significantly more work than the installation of a more traditional bathroom.

After all, wet room projects require us to waterproof the space, including by priming the floor. A gradient also needs to be created along the floor to ensure shower water is channelled safely into a drain carefully positioned within the room.


However, one majoradvantage of all of this additional heavy lifting is that if a wet room is properly installed, its floor – that beneath the tiles – will ultimately be kept safer from water damage than a typical bathroom’s would be.

Our bathroom experts here at PGS Plumbers, including Chiswick, Richmond and Woking plumbers, can install wet rooms to the highest standards, and at a competitive price. So, don’t be afraid to phone us on 0203 370 0066 to learn more details about how we could make the perfect wet room a reality at your Greater London or South East England home.

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