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5 ways to boost your home’s eco-friendliness in the ‘hybrid office’ era

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Brentford plumbers powerflushingIn recent years, there has been a significant push towards encouraging the world to become more eco-friendly. By being mindful of the environment, it is possible to reduce our carbon footprint, and better protect the only planet we have. 

There are many ways in which an individual can live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. But what changes in this direction might you make from the comfort of your own home, in the emerging era of the ‘hybrid office’

What is the ‘hybrid office’?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have had to transition to working from home. With hope increasing of a degree of return to pre-pandemic ‘normality’, some of us are starting to head back to the office, but might still find ourselves spending at least part of our working week at home. 

This is what is known as the ‘hybrid office’ model, and it could have major implications for your efforts to live a life that is gentler on the planet. 

Sure enough, there are various – both little and large – changes you could realistically make to your home and lifestyle to boost eco-friendliness.

Here are a few suggestions for how to do exactly that – some of which can be accomplished with help from our Raynes Park, Dorking and Brentford plumbers.

1. Swap to environmentally friendly shampoo
Adopting an environmentally friendly shampoo that uses non-synthetic ingredients will help reduce the amount of chemicals you wash down the drain and introduce back to the oceans. Not only this, but natural, biodegradable ingredients may be likely to clog up your bathroom drain

2. Replace your boiler 
A faulty heating system can emit carbon monoxide, posing an environmental and health hazard. If you are having problems with your boiler, it is important to have it checked out – and potentially repaired or replaced – by one of our expert Purley, Hampstead or Brentford plumbers. Doing so will not only possibly save the environment and your health, but also lower your energy bills. 

3. Use electricity wisely
Only plug in devices when they need to be used, and unplug them when you are finished. This is a very easy way to be aware of and reduce your energy consumption.

4. Shop local
Try to support local companies wherever possible, whether it’s for your groceries, clothes, or even plumbers. This will reduce the amount of vehicle travel on the roads, and thereby help reduce the amount of petrol fumes polluting the air.

5. Powerflush your central heating system 
Powerflushing your systems removes undesirable by-products from your pipes, pumps, and radiators, restoring circulation and efficiency to your central heating. As this process improves efficiency, you can expect a lower environmental impact and to drive down your energy bills. 

To start making some of these small changes in your South East England home, please get in touch with a member of the PGS Plumbers team today, which includes highly capable and experienced Wimbledon, Woking and Brentford plumbers. Call us on 0203 370 0066 for free advice and a highly competitive quote. 



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