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When it comes to ‘age-old’ debates, few are arguably more British than “when should you put the heating on”? So, it interested us lately to see the opinion of one central heating expert, who suggested that many of us may not need to turn up our thermostats as early as we might think.

Several outlets, including the Mirror, have cited central heating expert Jordan Chance, who has suggested that if you make the right moves, you may not even feel the need to turn on your heating until as late as 31st October. 

And yes, that’s the date when the clocks go back this year, which means we may be truly on the eve of winter by the time you’re switching on your own heating.


Is there a definite formula for when you should be turning up the thermostat?

The short answer is… no there isn’t. However, there are certain things you’ll need to bear in mind when making this decision in your own London or Home Counties home as the 2021 festive season nears. And of course, there are certain ways to potentially delay the date when you feel the need to seriously exercise your boiler. 

As Chance put it: “Turning on your central heating is notably one of the sure signs that winter has arrived. Although there is no single temperature at which you should turn your heating on, many aim for the time when clocks go back, falling this year on October 31st.” 

So, what steps can you take to hold off when you will be forced to switch on the heating? There are certain simple things you can immediately do in the home, such as wearing an extra layer or two, and cleaning your radiators to prevent their effectiveness from being compromised by any coating of dust. Speaking of radiators, it is also advisable to avoid placing your clothes on them to dry, as this prevents heat from escaping – thereby leaving your room colder. 


How can our own heating engineers give you peace of mind? 

If we do presume that you can indeed wait until the end of October before you turn your heating up, this gives you a window of opportunity to make sure your boiler is in the best possible shape for the looming winter. 

Indeed, regular boiler servicing is crucial for helping to extend your boiler lifespan, identify and resolve certain issues, and maximise its efficiency. A great time to get your boiler serviced is just before the winter season, so that you can take advantage of the availability of Wembley, Barnet and Camden plumbers like our own, before the level of demand for their services intensifies. 


The winter is a classic time for boilers to break, especially when they haven’t been checked for any emerging problems for a while. So, don’t be afraid to get in touch with our Esher, Brixton and Camden plumbers now, for free advice and a fast, competitive quote. 

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