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Everyone wants to feel happy and comfortable in their own home – but if there’s one thing that can threaten this for you, it’s something going wrong with your boiler or broader central heating system. 

As a resident of north-west London, then, you may feel the need to request a quote from a Harrow heating engineer from time to time, for any of a wide range of services. Boiler servicing, repairs and installation, as well as powerflushing and gas safety certificates, are all examples of what a capable heating engineer from a trusted company like PGS Plumbers can offer you. 

The number one name when it comes to Harrow boiler installation, servicing and repairs 

There are various potential circumstances in which you might wish to reach out to a firm like PGS Plumbers for the first time. Your boiler may seem to have broken down entirely, for example, in which case, you are likely to be thankful for the quick work our experts in Harrow boiler repairs can do in diagnosing and fixing the problem. 

Alternatively, your boiler may presently appear to be working just fine, but you might wish to have it serviced by a capable engineer. Our own Gas Safe registered professionals are the perfect people to undertake a Harrow boiler service, which will help you keep this crucial appliance in the home working efficiently and reliably for longer. 

Sometimes, however, you may find yourself needing to have an entirely new boiler and central heating system fitted in your London property – for instance, because it isn’t a very economical solution to repair your existing one. 

In that case, you will be pleased to learn that we are a leading name when it comes to all aspects of Harrow boiler installation, representing both quality and superb value for money. Indeed, we are qualified to install all forms of central heating systems.

We can make your life easier if you’re a landlord, too 

Another thing the Harrow area certainly has, is a lot of private rental properties. We should know, as we have an excellent track record of serving landlords across this London borough and beyond. 

For the production of Harrow gas safety certificates that help keep local landlords in compliance with their legal obligations, there is no better company than PGS Plumbers. We carry out thorough safety inspection tests, encompassing the likes of full system soundness testing, standing and working pressure checks, ventilation checks, and so much more. 

To learn more about any of these services for Harrow property owners, and to request your free quote, please do not hesitate 0203 370 0066 now. There’s a good reason why most of our business is generated by people who have used our services previously – we really are one of the best firms for everything related to plumbing and central heating in London. 


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