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Why you should still be keeping an eye on your boiler during the sunnier months

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It’s easy enough to imagine that you won’t need to pay any particular attention to your boiler at all during times of year when you might feel that you’re scarcely using it, such as the summer.

Alas, it’s this attitude that catches out so many Greater London residents when the time comes, later in the year, that they do need to use their boiler again, only to find that problems have set in when they weren’t looking.

If you can at all help it, you won’t want to have to make an emergency call to our Twickenham, Epsom or Redhill plumbers during the winter, which is the very time when they tend to be in greatest demand.

Instead, you should be trying to identify any possible issues with your boiler now, so that they can be fixed at a time of year when there isn’t such a rush for heating engineers’ services, and the professional that you call out can therefore get to your home so much sooner.

But it’s not just the convenience of summer fixes we’re talking about

As ideal as it is to be able to get any problems with your boiler remedied by our highly capable and experienced Balham, Ealing or Redhill plumbers during the summer, there are also certain issues that can be especially likely to arise for boilers at this sunnier time of year.

Leaving your system idle right through the summer, for instance, could allow for grit and dust to accumulate in the system, from such sources as corrosion in the pipes. When such dust gathers over time, there is the risk of it interfering with the normal function of the pump, or even causing a blockage.

That’s why it’s a good idea to run your boiler at least once a month in the summer, setting up a reminder system or using any timer your specific system may have, so that you don’t forget.

Also bear in mind that your thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) may become jammed if you leave them for too long; you won’t want to be trying to open the valve again at the end of the summer, only to find that it doesn’t work. So, we would advise you to open the valves every now and then during the sunnier months, to minimise the likelihood of issues.

We’re always available to cater to your boiler needs

Whether you’re looking to have your boiler serviced – which, depending on the manufacturer, you ought to be doing at least once a year anyway – or require repair work or the installation of a whole new boiler, you can place your utmost faith in PGS Plumbers.

Call 0203 370 0066 today, and we’ll be pleased to advise you on the next steps you should take with your boiler or wider central heating system, also presenting you with a free quote for any of our services if required. Phone us, rest easy, and have a wonderful summer!

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