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5 reasons to seriously consider smart heating for your property

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If you read our previous blog post about smart heating here at PGS Plumbers, you will hopefully already have a decent understanding of what it is. In short, it’s the (still relatively) new way to both conveniently and efficiently heat your home, doing for heating what the smartphone did for the phone. 

As for if you didn’t read that piece, or even if you did, let’s cycle through just five ‘real-world’ benefits of investing in a sophisticated and reliable smart heating setup for your own London or South East England property. 

Some of them might be less expected than others… 

  1. 1. It’s quick and easy to use 

This is unquestionably one of the top reasons for almost anyone to have smart heating installed in their home. Imagine, whenever you want to adjust your property’s heating, not needing to get up from your sofa or bed to move the thermostat, or even be in the property at all. 

With a smart heating system in place, you can just reach for your smartphone and adjust with the associated app, or even use voice controls. 

  1. 2. It enables you to save energy and money 

We should probably emphasise here that even switching to the most efficient and reliable smart heating setup won’t save you money in a direct way, like switching to an alternative energy supplier might do. 

No, what we’re referring to here, is the fact that smart heating allows you to heat your home more efficiently, in the sense of having the heating on when you truly need it to be on, and having it turned off when you need to have it turned off.  

Just think of all those times in the past when you might have headed out the door to work on a morning and forgot to turn the heating off, only realising when you got back home. Small energy-wastage errors like that, over the course of a year, can really add to your bills.  

It’s no wonder, then, that past research has suggested having smart heating controls installed in a home could potentially slash £100 or more off yearly energy expenditure (dependent on a variety of factors like the exact property and the nature of its energy use). 

  1. 3. It can learn about your energy use – and act accordingly 

We’re starting to enter slightly ‘sci-fi’ territory here, but it’s true. Some smart heating systems are sophisticated enough to observe how energy is used in the given property over time. 

This, in turn, enables the system to detect certain patterns – such as when the heating is normally turned on, how frequently, and for how long – so that it can programme itself intelligently, with no need for manual human intervention. 

Don’t worry if this functionality seems slightly intimidating, or likely to ‘misunderstand’ your needs during those times when your energy use isn’t so ‘typical’ of you; there’s always the option to tweak how this feature works, or to override it.  

  1. 4. It can work in conjunction with your doors and windows 

Imagine: you’re minding your own business in your home one winter day, perhaps hard at work on an assignment during these ‘homeworking’ times. Then, an app on your phone alerts you to the fact that a nearby window is open and causing a draught – effectively wasting a lot of the effort your heating system is putting into keeping your home office nice and toasty. 

Yes, this could be perfectly possible when you choose a smart heating system that works alongside other smart devices, such as door and window sensors. And of course, this could be a great feature for helping to keep your abode secure, too. 

  1. 5. It could allow you to devise custom demands 

One thing that we must underline about smart heating systems is that they ultimately enable you to be in greater control over how you use your home heating. An example of how this is the case, is the ability the leading smart heating systems give you to create your own commands, in line with any of a range of potential situations.

You might invest in a system, for instance, which – working alongside other smart devices – allows you to instruct that the heating is turned up to 24 degrees C when it is dark and the home drops below a certain temperature. 

Or if you have a smart coffee machine or kettle that you can connect your smart heating system to, you could even set it up so that a satisfying latte is ready for you shortly after you return home. 

PGS Plumbers can assist in making the dream real 

There you go – just five reasons why you are unlikely to regret investing in a suitable, efficient and reliable smart heating setup for your South East or London home. 

If you would like to discuss with our plumbers and engineers how they could help make your ideal smart heating system a reality, taking advantage of our free advice and quoting service, please do not wait any longer to reach out to PGS Plumbers today


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