Terms & Conditions of Services

By instructing PGS Services Ltd you acknowledge that you have read and understood the following Terms & Conditions and agree to be bound by their content. For the purpose of these terms 'us' 'we' 'our' 'PGS' shall mean PGS Services Limited, 'you' 'your' 'Customer' shall mean the person instructing us to provide our services. 'Operative' or 'Engineer' shall mean the individual/s carrying out the service on site.

1. Basis of the Agreement
PGS hereby agrees to supply goods and to provide services to the Customer and the Customer agrees to pay the price in accordance with these terms and conditions.

PGS may employ subcontractors to carry out any part of their obligations under this agreement at their sole discretion and may assign its rights and obligations under this agreement to any other party.

The Customer may not assign their rights and obligations under this agreement without written consent of PGS.

The Customer accepts the terms of this agreement will be considered in conjunction with the relevant supporting terms on the PGS job sheet (presented and signed on site during work) and/or our specific Terms of Business sent in conjunction with fixed price quoted work.

2. The Customer
The Customer warrants that he/she is either the owner of the premises at which the services will take place and is entitled to commission the services without the consent of any third party, or otherwise has the necessary authorisation in place for the services to be carried out.

By commissioning PGS the Customer confirms they have obtained any necessary permissions and/or licences required for the services to be carried out.

The Customer is expected to provide electrical power, running water and toilet facilities where reasonably possible.

3. Appointment booking process
For hourly rate and fixed price short duration work Customers book appointments on an am (8am to 1pm) or pm (midday to 5pm) basis. PGS will call ahead to the Customer, or third party representative to confirm they are present and able to grant access. PGS may decline to attend an appointment without this confirmation in place.

Specific first appointments (Operatives arrive between 8am and 9am) can sometimes be allocated on a discretionary basis, but timing cannot be guaranteed. If a Customer is ultimately scheduled as a first appointment, we will endeavour to let them know the day before.

4. Cancellations & postponements
Providing you cancel or postpone your appointment before 5pm, on or before the previous working day to the scheduled appointment, then no labour charges will apply. If you cancel or postpone after this time, or are not able to grant access to our Operative (if they attend within the agreed time frames) then an administration charge equivalent to 60 minutes labour at the prevailing rate will be applied.

Fixed price quoted work may carry stricter penalties, detailed in specific terms accepted by the Customer, to be considered in conjunction with the relevant terms and conditions detailed in this document.

PGS may need to postpone a booked appointment due to reasons beyond our control. In these instances we will re-schedule the appointment as soon as conveniently possible for both parties.

PGS shall not be held liable for any costs claimed by the Customer in respect of the non attendance or late attendance on site of the Operative, or for the late or non delivery of materials, or materials/goods which are faulty or incorrectly supplied.

5. Labour rates and charges
PGS charges labour in half hourly increments at the prevailing rates, quoted at the time of booking, with a minimum charge of one hour's labour.

Any applicable charges for materials, materials delivery, parking, congestion, waste disposal and VAT are charged additionally.

Waste disposal will not be included in our work, but in some circumstances may be agreed upon for an additional charge.

In the event of a bill-paying Customer being absent when there is further chargeable work required, we will endeavour to contact the Customer and obtain written permission (via email) prior to conducting any further work.

If a Customer is non-contactable our Operative will only continue with works if we have prior authorisation from the Customer, or if it is not safe/feasible to halt urgent works at that point.

6. Parts
Operatives carry some van stock, but we cannot guarantee they will be carrying specific part/s required unless a Customer provides comprehensive details and pays a deposit in advance for an hour’s labour and the cost of the parts in full. In this instance part details and initial fault diagnosis are the Customer’s liability.

Should PGS be unable to fit Customer supplied or Customer recommended parts, or the customer refuses to have PGS supplied parts (previously accepted as required) fitted, the return of parts carries a re-stocking charge of up to 30%, providing the parts can be returned without penalty to PGS, otherwise up to 100% of the charges may be retained.

PGS charges labour time (capped at 1 hour) to collect parts. If our Operative needs to leave site to collect parts the Customer must pay a deposit for the labour up until that point (minimum 1 hour) and the full price of parts.

If the closest available PGS supplier would likely take more than a 60 minute round trip to collect parts, but the Customer still wishes us to collect parts straight away, then additional travel time may apply.

7. Payment for services
Payment for goods & services provided by PGS are due immediately upon completion of each visit.

PGS may ask the Customer for a card deposit in advance of attending an appointment, by paying the deposit the Customer authorises PGS to debit the same card for the balance due as per our 'Labour rates and charges'.

PGS may ask an absent Customer to email instruction for further remedial work to be carried out and providing that scope of work is completed within the estimated charges then the customer authorises PGS to debit the existing card details stored to pay for the balance of the work immediately upon completion. Failure to return this written confirmation promptly may result in delays and further labour charges.

We accept credit or debit card payments via Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Switch and American Express. With advanced agreement we may also accept payment via BACS transfer.

Customer credit/debit card information is encrypted and held on our server. PGS are fully compliant with PCI DSS rules as well as the Data Protection Act in this matter.

PGS Operatives are not permitted to accept cash. In the event you pay an Operative in cash, your account will remain outstanding until such time as we receive payment via the mechanisms detailed above.

Certificates and documentation cannot be issued to the Customer until payment has been received by PGS in full for the services provided.

PGS reserves the right to increase the price of work if; the costs to PGS of supplying the goods and services increase due to any factor beyond the control of PGS, the Customer changes the specification, the Customer agrees to any change in specification proposed by PGS, goods or services are required by the Customer with exceptional urgency, the Customer causes a delay or the Customer fails to provide PGS with adequate accurate information or facilities.

8. PGS Expert Care Plus & other discounts
Regular Customers may be eligible to qualify for our Expert Care Plus scheme, offering discounts of up to 10% on our standard labour charges for future new bookings.

Expert Care Plus discounts do not apply to appointments outside of weekday office hours.

Expert Care Plus discounts do not apply to written quotations, unless included in writing as part of the quotation.

Other discounts are occasionally available and apply to labour only on jobs charged at our standard rate.

No offer (including Expert Care Plus discounts) can be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Expert Care Plus priority emergency response is not guaranteed, only applies to visits within standard office hours and is subject to a suitable Operative being available.

PGS reserves the right to change or withdraw the terms of offer without notice.

9. Failure to pay for goods and services
If a customer fails to make any payment when it falls due, PGS reserves the right to;
- Charge the customer statutory interest rates on the amount unpaid.
- Charge the customer for all reasonable costs and expenses (including legal costs and costs of any third party debt recovery service)  incurred by PGS in the collection of any overdue amounts.
- There is a minimum standard administration charge of £50 + VAT whenever a Customer fails to pay all monies due immediately upon completion of a visit.
- Refuse to deliver or install any balance of goods or services, or guarantee any hitherto provided goods or services until payment is made in full.
- Recover materials purchased for, or on behalf of the Customer. The Customer accepts these materials remain the property of PGS until payment of any outstanding amounts have been received. In the event of dispute, the Customer agrees to allow access to the property to a company representative to retrieve all materials that remain the property of PGS.

PGS is happy to provide invoices for businesses and individuals, however, payment is due within the time-scales stated in these terms and conditions.

10. Guarantee
PGS work is guaranteed for a period of 100 days (excluding breakages) from the date of the provision of goods and services, unless specifically stated otherwise in the trade sections listed below.

In the event that a manufacturer does not offer their own service technicians to attend site under warranty and attend to faults, PGS will honour any valid warranties provided by manufacturers or suppliers for goods supplied to the Customer by PGS.

The Customer must notify PGS in writing within the guarantee period and within 14 days of the discovery of any defects either in the goods or the services provided. If no such notification is received the the customer will be deemed to have accepted the service and any goods provided.

The Customer is obligated to make PGS aware in writing in advance, that PGS originally supplied the goods or services which appear to be faulty within warranty. If PGS is not made aware of this charges may apply for any subsequent visits.

PGS reserves the right to remove goods for repair, replace all or part of the goods, or refund the customer the price of the parts.

PGS guarantees will become invalid if the goods and services supplied by PGS are subject to misuse by the Customer, the Customer fails to follow advice by the Operative or manufacturer on the use of goods, or if the work/goods have been modified by the Customer or any third party, without the written consent of PGS.

PGS reserves the right to terminate a Customer agreement at any time if the customer is in any way in breach of his or her obligations as laid out in these conditions and/or their service agreement.

PGS accepts no liability for, or guarantee the suitability of, any materials supplied by the Customer or for any consequential damage or faults that may subsequently arise from using these materials.

Guarantees will also be invalid if Operatives are instructed by the Customer to supply goods or services against the advice of the Operative.

Due to the fact Customers are liable for a minimum labour charge, or at the Customer's request, our Operatives may decide/agreed to attempt a 'temporary fix' and recommend further work. These 'temporary fixes' cannot carry any guarantee.

In the event that PGS accepts responsibility for damage/failures caused during our work Customers must allow us to effect a remedy using our own Operatives and under no circumstances will we be held liable for the costs of reparations by third parties that we have not expressly agreed to in writing. The Customer must notify PGS in writing within 24 hours of an alleged breakage or damage caused by our Operatives.

11. Limitation of liability
PGS does not accept liability for any injury to persons, domestic animals, livestock or birds, or any loss or damage to property or goods, unless caused by negligence of the Company. The Customer must notify PGS of this damage, injury or loss in writing within 7 days of the incident.

PGS shall not be held liable for any indirect or consequential loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind however caused, including without limitation any loss of income or profits.

PGS does not provide qualified telephone advice and does not accept liability for advice which the Customer may claim to have received by telephone.

Where a specific risk has been identified by PGS and the Customer advised, PGS shall not be liable for such risk or event and the customer agrees to bear such risk.

PGS will not be liable for any delay to the provision of goods and services due to force majeure or any other event beyond its reasonable control.

PGS may terminate an agreement with a Customer if the Customer; becomes bankrupt, commits a material breach of their agreement, refuses to take delivery of goods, refuses to allow PGS to provide services at the time and date agreed, defaults in paying the price or any part of it.

In the event of a suspension PGS can demand to receive payment in advance of any part of the price as a condition of recommencing the work.

PGS may terminate an agreement at its discretion at any time via notice in writing to the Customer.
Upon termination of this agreement the Customer agrees to pay PGS; all outstanding charges including goods supplied and any cancellation charges payable to PGS' suppliers and sub-contractors.

12. Complaints procedure
PGS is committed to ensuring Customers are satisfied with their service/s received and we aim to deal with any Customer queries as efficiently and amicably as possible. If you have any queries regarding the service you have received please contact us to discuss this. If the appropriate PGS representative is unavailable or unable to agree on a resolution PGS will escalate the situation to an official written complaint, referring it over to the company administrator who will formally begin proceedings to deal with your grievance in writing.

Trade Specific Terms & Conditions of Service

Due to the nature of the work all drainage work is guaranteed for a period of 10 days from the date of completion.

Pest Control
In the case of wildlife control PGS Operatives will advise on any known entry points of animals to assist the Customer with preventing repeat intrusion.

Due to the nature of the work our pest control services can carry no guarantees. In some instances of pest control repeat visit/s may be necessary to ensure treatment is effective and to reassess or reapply measures or remove equipment and baits or poisons previously deployed. These visits are chargeable at our prevailing labour rates.

Customers are advised not to engage with any PGS pest control equipment, traps, or animals caught. In the case of rodent baits Customers are obliged to contact PGS when these are to be disposed of.

The Customer is responsible for making sure all visitors or residents are aware of any traps/baits or pesticides they may come into contact with, and keeping them updated of any changes/additions to pest control measures as they occur.

The Customer is to ensure the safety of any domestic animals, livestock or birds by ensuring they make no contact with pesticides or other pest control measures.

To ensure the most effective pest control measures, Customers must follow advice and recommendations of our pest Operative, within a reasonable time frame. Without the co-operation of residents, complete control of pest incidence cannot be ensured.

Customers are obligated to grant access to PGS Operatives at any reasonable time or as per any previous agreement.

All equipment is the property of PGS, unless otherwise stated in writing.

In the event of emergency Customer's should call 999 or the nearest poison control centre.

Our initial visit is designed to investigate, advise and usually apply the first treatment. At that point our Operative can also usually quote for a suitable treatment plan should any further work be required.

On the first visit we may need to agree further charges for that day, should the customer wish to proceed with quoted works (eg. if they want a whole house sprayed for bedbugs etc.).

Plumbing & Heating
When attempting to replace a faulty immersion element in a hot water cylinder, some elements can be stuck fast and require excessive force to remove, sometimes resulting in a damaged or split cylinder, causing the cylinder to require replacement. PGS cannot be held liable for this consequential damage and the charges up to that point for parts and labour will stand, even if the cylinder needs to be replaced.

When repairing appliances and systems there is often a process of sequential diagnosis. Part/s may need to be replaced before the appliances or systems can be effectively tested for other faults. As works progress Customers may wish to request PGS quote for replacing/upgrading appliances or systems. This request must be submitted in writing. PGS are willing to survey and quote for this work, where feasibly possible. PGS cannot be held responsible for costs of repair work incurred in advance of the Customer's decision to replace/upgrade an appliance or system.

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