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5 common signs of a plumbing problem in your home

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Most of us aren’t used to thinking very often about the plumbing in our homes; it’s one of those things that’s just ‘there’ in the background, and that we expect to always work.

But of course, as our Oxshott, Dorking and Clapham plumbers here at PGS Plumbers can tell you, there’s no guarantee the plumbing in your London or Home Counties property always will work!

That’s an especially crucial thing to bear in mind given how much we depend on our home plumbing systems allowing us to access and enjoy the water we routinely cook, bathe and clean with.

Unfortunately, all too many residents of areas like the above are guilty of ignoring the first signs of a major plumbing issue in their property, until the situation deteriorates into a much bigger (and more expensive to fix!) problem.

With no further ado, then, here are just five things to look out for that – if you spot them – may prompt you to call our Barnes, Reigate or Clapham plumbers here at PGS Plumbers.

Noisy taps

If you hear any noises from your taps other than that of water coming out of them when you turn them on, this may be cause for significant concern.

Taps producing a gurgling sound, for instance, tends to be an indicator of air trapped in the pipes. This, in turn, may suggest an issue with your bleed off system.

A running water meter

Water leaks in the home often aren’t spotted until they’ve already had the chance to cause a fair amount of expensive damage.

If you think your home may be suffering from a leak but you aren’t entirely sure, switch off all of your property’s running water systems, and then look at your water meter. The meter continuing to tick over in such circumstances indicates that water is being used somewhere, with a leak likely being to blame.

Your water bill has inexplicably gone up

Household bills can, of course, increase for easily explainable reasons – for example, because you used more water in the summer to water your garden than you did in the winter.

But if your water bill has gone up especially drastically recently, this might indicate a leak. Look at your water bill alongside the one for a year ago, and if it’s shot up, now might be the time to scrutinise your property for further signs of leaks.

Your drains smell bad

Not only can bad-smelling drains be embarrassing if you have guests at your London or Home Counties home, but it can also be a sign of an issue that could become hazardous if unresolved.

A lot of the time, a foul-smelling drain is simply an indicator of food that has become clogged up in your pipework and begun to rot. That’s a good reason to only ever pour liquids down your drain – excluding oils and fats – rather than any solid food scraps.

Low water pressure

If you turn on your taps right up to full power but the water only comes out at a slow pace or – worse – a trickle, this is a classic indicator of an issue with your water pressure.

You might be especially likely to see this problem if your property is an older one, given the heightened chances of damaged and faulty pipework in such homes. Regardless, a professional plumber can help you to determine the cause and fix it before it gets worse.

Are you seeing any of these classic signs of plumbing problems in your London or Home Counties home right now? If so, now might be the time to get on the phone to our Chertsey, Hampstead or Clapham plumbers, so that they can quickly come to the rescue.

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