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The subject of gas flues in voids is one that has been raised especially often in recent years to Twickenham, Epsom and Hackney plumbers like our own here at PGS Plumbers, due to the introduction of new Gas Safe regulations that took effect from 31st December 2012. 

These regulations necessitate all such flues concealed within wall or ceiling voids having inspection hatches fitted so that they can be examined to ensure their safety. 

Why is being able to access the flue so important? 

A Gas Safe registered engineer being able to inspect your boiler and flue is especially important because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning that could be posed by a poor-condition or blocked flue. 

While it should be noted that your own flue being concealed within a ceiling space or wall doesn’t automatically make it unsafe, we’re sure you’d agree with us that you would not wish to take any unnecessary risks. 

This risk can be a legal as well as a health one, given that if you are a landlord, for example, the law actually requires you to have a gas safety check carried out every year by a registered engineer. This applies to not just every gas appliance you provide to your tenants, but also any flue or chimney. 

Furthermore, as a landlord, you are required to ensure gas fittings and flues are maintained in a safe condition. It is not possible for these duties to be fulfilled unless there is a way for the gas engineer to examine the flue to ascertain that it is safe. 

So, what course of action do I need to take? 

The installation of inspection hatches has emerged as the main industry-recommended method of enabling flues to be accessed and judged by professionals like our own here at PGS Plumbers. 

In fact, this inspection hatch installation service is one that our Harrow, Bromley and Hackney plumbers – and indeed, those throughout the London and Surrey areas we serve – can provide. 

Call the PGS Plumbers team now on 0203 370 0066, and we will be able to arrange for an inspection hatch to be fitted at your own property where the flue is presently concealed within a void. 

The installation process only tends to take about 30 minutes. So, why hesitate to enquire now about this highly professional and great-value service that will help to put your mind at rest as a responsible and conscientious property owner?

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