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How to upgrade your showering experience

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Few things make you feel truly “awake” in the morning like an invigorating shower. However many people’s showering experience is probably only just good enough to get the job done.Thankfully, it’s not overly difficult to deliver meaningful improvements to the quality of your shower.

Our bathroom experts here at PGS Plumbers, including Teddington, Fulham and Oxshott plumbers, can help you upgrade your shower in the following cost-effective – and highly functional – ways.

Replace the shower head 

There are many different shower heads on the market today, although which of them you should buy will depend on your household’s needs and preferences. For example, would you like your new shower head to be detachable? What controls would you like for its spray? 

For a particularly soothing sensation, you could opt for a “rainfall” shower head – so-called as it enables the water to softly fall as though you are standing in a gentle drizzle.

Our plumbing professionals can fit a new shower head for you after making sure it would be compatible with your specific shower system.

Install a shower pump

If you often switch on your shower only for the water to come out in a weak dribble rather than a powerful spray, this is a telltale sign that you need a shower pump.

Fitted to your shower, this small device can increase its water pressure and thus, the rapidity with which it can shoot water. The resulting spray can be akin to something you might have previously thought reserved for high-end luxury hotels.

Get your shower area retiled

It’s delightfully easy to wipe water off tiles – and that’s naturally why they are used in showers, where water can end up going here, there and everywhere. However, exactly because they are regularly exposed to water, tiles can often attract build-up of mould and grime.

That’s why, if tiles in your bathroom – such as on its walls, the floor or gutters – show signs of water-caused wear and tear, such as cracking or discolouring, you should arrange for professionals like our bathroom experts to retile these surfaces.

Upgrade to a walk-in shower

Getting a walk-in shower would really be the next step up from getting your bathroom retiled, as it would help blur the usual markers between your shower area and the rest of the bathroom.

If you do go down this route, we would particularly advise you to choose glass doors and walls instead of curtains. That’s because the former would be easier to keep clean – and can help prevent your shower area from feeling too warm or dingy when you’re in there.

Have an entire wet room fitted

This would be an even more ambitious step, and we have touched on the various merits of wet rooms before. With a wet room, your shower area wouldn’t even be enclosed by the usual shower screen – and you can have the area tiled in the same way as the rest of the room.

Our wet room installers here at PGS Plumbers, including Wimbledon, Brixton and Oxshott plumbers, can help homeowners in Greater London and South East England to benefit from the slick design and ease of maintenance that come as standard with these spaces when fitted by us. 

Just ring us on 0203 370 0066 for further details about what this work would involve, and to request a highly competitive quote for any other plumbing, heating or gas work in your home. 


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