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3 simple ways to avoid having to call a plumber in 2021

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It might seem an odd way for our Acton, Sutton and Hackney plumbers to start the year; trying to help put you in a position where you won’t need to reach out to us.

But of course, we know that with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to rage amid many other potential sources of stress this winter, you won’t want to have to call our team unless it really is strictly necessary.

So, what are some of the straightforward steps you can take to minimise the likelihood of those classic winter plumbing problems that can often arise when you least need them?

Keep your heating on at a low temperature

Hopefully, you will have already been doing this throughout the winter – but we’ll underline its importance one more time, anyway.

The big drops in temperature that characterise the winter can also mean the water inside your home’s pipework being more susceptible to freezing. And if the water within your pipes does freeze, its expansion can cause a build-up and subsequent rupture of the pipework... meaning that as the ice thaws, your home could be flooded.

Yet, such inconvenience and the associated expense of putting it right can probably be avoided, if you simply keep your heating on at a consistent low temperature. This will ensure that even when you don’t strictly feel the need to have your heating on, there can still be enough heat in the pipes to prevent the water in them from freezing.

Check that the stop tap is fine

Now, in the event that the above problem of a bursting pipe does come to pass in your London or Home Counties home, you’ll need to know where the stop tap is, so that you can quickly shut off the water supply and avoid your property being flooded.

 So, now is a good time of year to make sure you definitely know where your property’s stop tap is, in addition to checking that it is in working order.

Stop taps can be vulnerable to becoming stiff or seizing over time, so you should check yours by gently opening it every six months. But once you’ve fully opened it, make sure you then turn it back half a turn, to help prevent it seizing.

Be careful what you pour down the drain

With blocked drains being a problem our Redhill, Ealing and Hackney plumbers are often called upon to tackle during the colder months, we’d urge you not to pour grease, oils or hard-to-grind objects down them.

It is these substances and materials that are especially likely to block waste pipes, in addition to causing the foul smells that may be one of your first cues to get in touch with engineers like ours.

Of course, as seasoned professionals here at PGS Plumbers, we also realise that even with the best preparations and the most responsible measures, plumbing problems can still happen! So, if a plumbing issue does arise at your property – such as a blocked drain, burst pipe or water leak, to cite just a few possibilities – you should never feel embarrassed about getting in touch with us.

Our skilled and seasoned Balham, Teddington and Hackney plumbers work in accordance with a transparent pricing structure, and know the London and Home Counties area well, which will help them to get to your home quickly in an emergency. Simply call 0203 370 0066 today to request your free quote, or contact us online.

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