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Gas Safety Certificates

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We’re sure you’ll agree with us that in your capacity as a landlord, very few things will be as important to you as ensuring the most responsible gas safety practices in your rental property. In any case, it is legally required for landlords to arrange to have a Gas Safe registered engineer safety-test their rented property’s gas appliances every 12 months.

If, then, you are looking for a company that can issue Wimbledon, Clapham and Croydon gas safety certificates – including at short notice – there’s no need to look further than PGS Plumbers. 

What work do we undertake in relation to Wembley, Croydon and Harrow gas safety certificates?

Our professionals at PGS Plumbers have an excellent track record of working alongside landlords to assist them in meeting their gas safety obligations. This can include liaising with tenants on behalf of landlords, as that gas safety inspections can be carried out around the tenant’s own plans. 

We can also produce Harrow, Wembley and Clapham gas safety certificates in digital format, and can normally have them emailed to the customer in the space of a day. 

The gas safety inspections that we carry out are as thorough as you would expect from a company with PGS Plumbers’ stellar local reputation. 

This work includes a full system soundness test, for example, to make sure there are no gas leaks in the property. It also encompasses such steps as checks for installation defects that are non-compliant with current regulations, standing and working pressure checks, ventilation checks, flue flow tests, ensuring that flame failure devices operate satisfactorily, and much more.  

For legal compliance and peace of mind, choose PGS Plumbers 

With our Gas Safe registered engineers possessing the qualifications necessary to undertake gas safety inspections and issue certificates, there really is no need for you to consider any other company for this crucial service in London or elsewhere in the South East. 

Once we have successfully completed all the required safety checks, we will issue you with a gas safety certificate. Our Harrow, Croydon and Wembley gas safety certificates serve as proof that it is safe to use all the given property’s gas appliances. 

For free advice in relation to Clapham, Harrow and Wimbledon gas safety certificates, and to take advantage of this all-important service, please call 0203 370 0066 today. 


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